CA Study Masterclass

Additional study support for the CA Program

CA Study Masterclass provides you with additional study support to accelerate your learning as you progress towards the successful completion of the CA Program.

Available for every module in the CA Program, CA Study Masterclass is designed to save you valuable study time through an efficient and focused approach. Our workshops are delivered by experienced CA facilitators and provide the opportunity for you to ask any burning questions, discuss your learning with like-minded CAs and build a support network.

The workshops are delivered either face to face or as a live interactive webinar. You can pick the delivery method that suits your learning style. The webinars also enable you to access CA Study Masterclass when distance is an issue.

You'll receive specially designed materials including questions and solutions for exam practice, online assessment practice, as well as study aids summarising the key concepts covered in each of the modules.

As the only study support developed and endorsed by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, we pride ourselves on helping you to succeed.

Maximise your potential and feel confident, validated and supported in your CA Program journey.

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