Mentoring forms a critical function to a candidate's learning experience. The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand formalised approach to practical experience helps provide essential guidance and support to assist in attaining success.

Applying learned knowledge to the business world can be challenging.

That's why mentored practical experience is a critical part of the Chartered Accountants Program. With the support of your own 'personal coach' you could quickly develop your professional learning and maximise your personal growth.The CA Program incorporates a three-year mentored practical experience component. Your CA qualified mentor will help set you on the path to success and provide you with the guidance and insight that only comes from someone who has already successfully negotiated the challenges of the modern business world.

How does your mentor guide you?

  • Through structured one-on-one time, providing guidance and support with your learning which is usually relevant to your workplace
  • By formally reviewing your practical experience on a regular basis

Who can be your mentor?

  • An Australian or New Zealand Chartered Accountant or a member of a recognised Global Accounting Alliance body.
  • A Chartered Accountant you work with or from another organisation. They can also be located anywhere in the world, as long as standard requirements are met.

Tips for finding a mentor

  • Contact your HR department to see if there are any CAs working in your organisation
  • Post on your organisation's intranet or website
  • Network at events or meetings
  • Reach out to your contacts on your social media networks.