Date posted: 05/07/2016

10 accounting websites you need to favourite now

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Becoming a top flight business professional isn't as easy as turning in good grades and landing a great job. To take your career to the next level, it will take preparation, diligence and a willingness to know everything you can about the industry. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of websites you should add to your bookmarks ASAP. Sign up for their newsletters and check in daily to be kept up to date and to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

1. Australian Financial Review

The AFR is the sharpest news source for business-focused Australians and is renowned for its quality journalism and unbiased reporting. Every businessperson worth their salt reads the AFR to stay abreast of the economy at large, as well as to get wind of any broad changes that may affect the financial industry. It is behind a paywall, but it is important reading, and it's worth asking mum and dad (or Santa) for a subscription as a present if you find the price a little steep.

2. Australian Taxation Office / New Zealand Inland Revenue

As a starting point as a financial professional, you need to be up to date with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and any changes that occur. Its website has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years and provides several learning outlets, such as YouTube videos, articles and calculators. If you need clarification on processes or regulations, you'll find it all here. The New Zealand Inland Revenue website offers similar tools and videos, plus relevant New Zealand legal information and policy changes.

3. Chartered Accountants ANZ

You couldn't find a more appropriate resource than the Chartered Accountants website if you're interested in pursuing a career in the business industry. It also has news relevant to your specific needs and several resources to help you find a job or improve your skills. Further, the online community is a great place to make contacts and talk through any issues you're facing - people will only be too happy to help.

4. MYOB / Xero

The accounting software companies might be locked in a war for the hard drives and minds of accountants across ANZ, but that doesn't mean their content is irrelevant to you. Their blogs contain great information, including opinion, government policy, social media and everything in between.

5. Accountants Daily

Accountants Daily is a trade publication focusing on news relevant to the Australian industry. If you want a more granular look at what's happening in Australian accounting compared to the AFR, then this is the ticket. It also includes opinion pieces from top accountants and a comments section for you to get a feel for industry sentiment.

6. LinkedIn

If you're thinking about life after study, having a profile on LinkedIn is a must. Setting up a profile takes only minutes and allows you to connect with colleagues and peers to expand your professional network. You can (and should) follow companies you're interested in to be the first to see when they post new jobs. Sign up for the daily email to access the latest blogs from business minds all over the world.

7. Accounting Coach

This website allows students to learn new accounting skills and increase their knowledge. Some of the content is free, but for $49 you can unlock the rest, forever – no subscriptions or anything. The website is geared towards US accounting but there's still a lot you can learn from a technical perspective, and it's worth investigating.

8. Forbes

Make reading Forbes as much a part of your day as your morning coffee. Based in the US, its content is full of up-to-date international business news, personal growth tips and tricks, as well as the all-important rich lists (which is great general knowledge). File under 'threethirtyitis'.

9. The National Business Review

The NBR is the place to go for breaking news and analysis on the New Zealand business industry. You'll find ever-popular rich lists, plus up-to-date news on everything the business world touches, from politics to the media. Keep your eye out for opinion pieces from the nation's leading business writers.

10. Reddit

Reddit is a powerful community-based website that allows users to vote on valuable content. It's mainly a hub for sharing cat pictures and funny gifs, however, there are other communities more focused on professional development, which is where r/accounting comes in. This 'subreddit' discusses everything you need to know about being a young accountant and, although it's predominantly US focused, you can still learn a lot about things relevant to your job, such as networking, workplace politics and an insider's perspective on working at the Big Four.

Setting yourself up for success means immersing yourself in business information. So make reading these websites a habit, and you'll always be furthering your knowledge.