Date posted: 12/07/2019

5 reasons to sign up to be a Student Affiliate

If you’re considering becoming a Chartered Accountant, signing up to become a CA ANZ Student Affiliate is a great place to begin.

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Here are five reasons why you should sign-up to become a Student Affiliate as you get started on your finance and accounting career journey.

1. Stay informed

You’ll receive the You Unlimited eNewsletter and be kept up-to-date on the latest news and career advice relevant to you through informative tips and guides, and inspiring stories from experienced CA’s such as Mark Valerio.

You Unlimited articles and videos aim to help you better understand the finance and accounting industry, and inspire you to achieve your career goals.

2. Upcoming events

Becoming a Student Affiliate means making your debut in the Chartered Accountants community!

You’ll receive information on upcoming events directly related to your interest areas, intended to help you further your knowledge and develop your skills. This includes our annual Employment Evening event, which features more than 90 employers and hosts more than 2,800 students from Australian and New Zealand.

Sean Lara holds a Finance and Accounting graduate role at AMP, and is currently undertaking the CA program. A former CA student rep, Sean notes the importance of events such as Employment Evening in helping students understand what’s expected of them once they graduate.

“I think Employment Evening is really important because you get to meet your employers, ask these really important questions and clarify a lot of things regarding how real work differs to what you study from uni,” he says.

3. Connect with industry experts

Learn what the CA Program involves and the steps you need to take to become a Chartered Accountant, and have the opportunity to talk to those who have already chosen the path of a trusted business leader. Hearing about their experiences first-hand can be helpful and give you the opportunity to ask questions you have wanted answers to.

Becoming a Student Affiliate provides you with access to a variety of networking and potential employment opportunities. Libby Chen, a Commerce student at the University of Sydney and CA Student Representative or ‘rep’ shares this sentiment.

“I think the best thing about being a CA student rep is being able to meet all of the employers at networking events. It's just a very broad range of employers that you can network and keep in touch with,” she says.

4. Meet like-minded individuals

Sharing your experiences and insights with like-minded people could be a great chance for you to build your professional network and form long-term connections.

Mikayla Jee, a CA Student Representative studying a Bachelor of Accounting says that collaborating with fellow students can benefit all involved.

“Engaging with friends and other people in your degree would really help because everybody has different skill sets that can always help each other. So work together, work collaboratively, and don't stress - everything will be fine,” she says.

As a Student Affiliate, you’ll be invited to join the ‘Become a CA’ Facebook Group, connecting you with fellow students who are keen to learn more about what it means to become a Chartered Accountant.

5. Gain practical experience

As you kick off your early career, it’s important to secure practical work experience to not only strengthen your skills but gain an “on-the-job” understanding of what the finance and accounting industry is like.

Libby knows firsthand the benefits of practical work experience while studying.

“As a first year student I was very proactive. I went to a lot of networking events and talked to a lot of employers and that's how I found out that big four accounting firms offer cadetships or internships. I got a role at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a private clients audit cadet. I did that for a year and now I'm working at Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. I think these two experiences allowed me to gain a unique skill set that has really prepared me for any graduate opportunities in the future,” she says.

Becoming a Student Affiliate keeps you informed on graduate, cadetship and vacation roles - like the ones Libby undertook - as they arise via the Careers Guide. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for the Achiever Program which places accounting, commerce and business university students in paid work experience positions for up to 12 weeks.

Sign up to become a Student Affiliate now to start enjoying the benefits.