Date posted: 22/05/2020

COVID-19 resources for students and graduates

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has left many young people feeling unsettled by the influx of constantly changing information and advice, and uncertain about what the future looks like. We’re here to help point you in the right direction.

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With schools and universities across Australia and New Zealand having been closed for weeks, people working and learning from home and sadly, many workers having lost their jobs - 2020 isn't exactly going ahead as many of us had planned.

It's natural to feel a range of emotions as we all work together to navigate through this disruption to our lives.

We have curated a collection of information sources and useful links to help you understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19, what the governments in Australia and New Zealand are doing to support workers, and where you can go for help during this challenging time.

Where should I go for trustworthy COVID-19 information?

For Australians:

For New Zealanders:

Am I eligible for government financial support?

For Australians:

  • If you have been working for your employer for over 12 months and are at least 16 years old, find out if your employer is eligible for the Australian Government's JobKeeper Payment.
  • Losing your job can be a shock, but if you're over 22 and are unemployed or looking for work, find out if you meet the criteria for the Australian Government's JobSeeker Payment.
  • If you're 24 or younger and a student or Australian Apprentice studying full time, find out if you meet the criteria for the Australian Government's Youth Allowance.

For New Zealanders:

How can I stay focused on my future career?

  • Now is a great time to work on your professional social media presence by updating your LinkedIn profile.
  • Take this opportunity to learn how to address the selection criteria for a job and stand out from the crowd in the job application process.
  • First impressions count, so improve on your cover letter writing skills to help you get your foot into the door of your next job.

Where can I go for mental health and wellbeing resources?

  • If you or someone you know needs help during these challenging times, visit the Australian and New Zealand helplines listed on our wellbeing and support page.
  • Learn how to address stress and anxiety during this challenging time with psychologist Snow Chen's tips for building personal resilience.
  • It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the overload of pandemic-related information on the TV, radio and online, so take some time to focus on your wellbeing and prevent burnout.
  • Check out some simple techniques you can implement to get energised and motivated to stay focused on your goals during these challenging times.