Date posted: 05/04/2019

Finding the best employer for you

In Brief

  • Finding the right employer can be tricky, but you can start by researching potential ones by shortlisting your choices
  • When you go for any interview, look at the environment and staff to get a feel of the place
  • Decide on offers and reply in a prompt manner

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Find your fit

Employers want to ensure you're a good fit for their organisation. Equally important is making sure they're a good fit for you...

Fit for purpose

Working fulltime takes up a large part of your life. 52%* of graduates in the Accounting and Financial sector in New Zealand spend on average of 35 to 40 hours a week at work. 34%* spend even more - on average 41-50 hours. When you invest this amount of time at work, finding the right employer for you is important.

It's a big ask

The accounting and finance sector is packed with employers. Shortlist your choices by asking yourself if size and location matter. Do you want to work for a corporate or in government, a 'Big 4' firm or a 'mid-tier'. Which employer will best develop your career?

Fact finding mission

Research potential employers online through company and career websites. Engage face to face through careers fairs and employer presentations at University. Understanding the company's values and culture as well as career opportunities will help you decide if they're a good fit. It will also impress them.

Observe the environment

When you're at the interview, try to remember to keep an eye out on how the potential employer's staff interact with each other. Are colleagues speaking over each other to make a pint, or allowing them to finish? Does the work culture slant towards a peer-based work environment, or a top-down hierarchy style? These factors are ultimately subjective to how you work and feel at ease, so ultimately you'll have to see if it fits your work-style.

Decision time

Your research has paid off and you're offered a role. Here's the top four factors* graduates considered when accepting a role:

  • Company employment reputation
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Company culture

Do they resound with your choices? Take your time to decide, but do let them know if you're not interested in a prompt and civil manner. If you do decide to take on the role, then congratulations!

*Source: The New Zealand Top 50 Graduate Employers 2016 by Talentsolutions