Date posted: 20/01/2021

Get ready for 2021 with these binge-worthy podcasts

5 awesome podcasts you should tune into over the summer break.

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A big part of podcasts' appeal as a tool for learning and as a source of inspiration is also the listener's ability to engage with the content while multitasking - exercising, driving, doing chores, etc - as they don't necessarily require dedicated attention like watching a video or reading a book. In other words, podcasts are convenient for even the most time-poor of us!

In fact, 94 percent of people listen to podcasts while doing other tasks. And on top of that, research has shown that multitasking can improve a listener's long term memory of the podcast content by 22%.[1]

With that in mind, if you're planning on multitasking during the summer break - perhaps catching up on the latest business news while you take a scenic hike, or travelling interstate to visit family and friends - consider tuning into one of these five podcasts we've handpicked to help you leap into 2021 feeling motivated and ready to achieve your goals.

🙃 The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

The Happiness Lab, hosted by Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos, seeks to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life through inspiring stories and scientific research.

As anxiety and stress are (sadly) quite common among young people today, being alert and aware of these feelings can be a really helpful step towards controlling them.

Get ready to feel better and be inspired by Dr. Santos as she covers topics such as sleep, healthy relationships and facing challenges head on.

With two full seasons and mini/bonus seasons, there's plenty of Dr. Santos to binge on - the perfect fix for a long car trip.

💰 She's On The Money

Despite the name, this podcast is not just for women. She's On The Money is a no judgement zone podcast that aims to equip you with relevant and helpful financial information that you'll actually use. Host and millennial money expert Victoria Devine shares her tips for saving, spending, and investing money.[2]

How will this podcast help you? Victoria will guide you through getting rid of debt, managing your cash flow (while still treating yourself to coffee and brunch!), and investing in your financial future. It's your uncomplicated guide to finance and making smart money decisions.

Born out of Victoria's passion for growing a thriving community of women who want to be more financially literate, the podcast is dedicated to empowering listeners to understand their finances and change the way they approach financial matters.

Episodes feature topics such as paid leave, budget beauty hacks, and the financial disadvantages caused by FOMO.

What the Flux

Bite-sized business, but make it fun? Enter Brett and Justin Joffe, co-founders of What The Flux. Brett and Justin use their daily five minutes of airtime to educate their audience about the latest in business news.

Each episode features the top three business stories of the day - whether they're Australian or global - whatever is making news!

This podcast is an easy one to tune into and get a daily dose of the business world, without having to commit a tonne of time to it.

💵 Money Talks from Economist Radio

Picture it - a newspaper that you can listen to. Interested? Money Talks from Economist Radio, is a podcast brought to you by The Economist. You may have heard of The Economist - it's a newspaper that's been around since 1843 offering insights and updates about current affairs, international business, politics and technology. Money Talks is pretty much a one-stop-podcast for all things economics.

The Money Talks podcast is a discussion between the editors of The Economist and their thoughts on the current markets, the economy, and the world of business.[3] Money Talks is published every Tuesday, covering topics ranging from politics, to the future of TikTok. Both equally as important to know about, of course! Tune in and you can be the most well-informed person at your dinner table!

🎯 My Millennial Career

My Millennial Career is a podcast about how to design and build your dream career,[4] hosted by Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson. Tune in as they navigate the waters of working life so you can know what to expect before you dive in.

Human resource management, recruitment and customer experience specialists Emily and Shelley use their platform to talk through topics such as, changing roles, mistakes to avoid in interviews, and navigating the world of networking via LinkedIn.

If you're curious about how to ask for a pay rise or painstakingly pouring over your cover letter to ensure it's pure perfection, be sure to tune in. And if not, with so many topics clearly laid out, you'll have no trouble finding an episode that speaks to your current need.

Runners up

While they didn't make our top five list, these podcasts below are equally worth a listen - especially if you're keen to extend your knowledge of the economic and social contexts that businesses function within (and wow your friends/family/teachers with impressive facts!)

  • NPR's Planet Money makes understanding the economy a little easier with fascinating 6-30min stories tackling a variety of complex topics - from insider trading to recession indicators.
  • Women at Work sees Harvard Business Review (HBR) editors tackle a different challenge faced by women in the workplace, through in-depth research and frank discussion with expert guests.
  • The Daily is a podcast by The New York Times featuring stories about the now, from the journalists in the know. You can tune in at 6am EST, five days a week, for just 20 minutes.