Date posted: 06/09/2022

Learning on the job: What’s it like to be a graduate auditor?

Soumya Kapoor, Graduate Auditor at HLB Mann Judd and former CA student rep, shares why she is excited to pursue a career in auditing, and how she hopes to make a difference through her work.

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Auditors never stop learning as opportunities to grow in your career are everywhere - just ask Soumya Kapoor.

According to the Graduate Auditor at HLB Mann Judd, taking on the role of a CA student rep while studying a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, not only helped to open her eyes to all the different career paths in accounting, but kick-started her career in the industry.

“I wasn’t sure how I could launch my career, or even get a good job after I graduated, so I decided to attend a careers event where I met Tim Thurbin from Chartered Accountants ANZ, and learned about the opportunity for students to become CA student reps,” says Soumya.  

Becoming a CA student rep presented an opportunity to grow her self-confidence, make connections through networking, and pitch her skills to employers.

“I have learned how to manage my nerves and present in front of a lecture hall full of students that are older than me, and gain more life experience and knowledge. It’s taught me to believe in myself, and focus on my strengths,” says Soumya. 

“Although I was a bit late to start applying for internships and graduate positions during my time at university, I was able to use my role and experience as a CA student rep to demonstrate to employers that I had the right skills.” 

Soumya recently completed her undergraduate studies, and is a newly recruited Graduate Auditor at HLB Mann Judd. She says that although applying for a graduate role during COVID-19 was difficult as employers transitioned from face-to-face to virtual interviews, she did not let that discourage her and gave it a go.

“I met my current employer from HLB Mann Judd for the first time at CA ANZ’s Employment Evening, and again at You Unlimited 2020 [formerly Employment Evening]. I was able to build a connection with her from representing Chartered Accountants at events, and learned about HLB Mann Judd’s internship and graduate programs,” says Soumya.  

“Applying for jobs during such an uncertain and confusing time wasn’t easy, but I applied for the graduate programme at HLB Mann Judd, progressed through the online interview stage and secured the job.”

As a graduate auditor, I am still learning on the job. I get to go out to clients for field work, and conduct low level testing to support my team. My goal is to progress, and to learn and grow as much as I can.
Soumya Kapoor Graduate Auditor at HLB Mann Judd and former CA Student Rep.

For Soumya, the transition from university graduate to accounting professional out in the workforce happened within just a few weeks after her final exam. She sees full-time work as an opportunity to grow and develop in her career as a young auditor.

“For me, full-time work is just a different development zone compared to my time as a student. My objectives are different, and I am always looking for ways that I can grow personally and professionally.  I want to learn my role as soon as I can, and provide value to the company that I work for as early as I can,” says Soumya.     

One reason Soumya chose to pursue a career in auditing is the opportunity to be exposed to every part of a business, and work in any industry and organisation. As a junior auditor at HLB Mann Judd, Soumya has already been exposed to the ins-and-outs of the audit department from day one on the job. 

“A career in auditing exposes you to so many different types of industries and companies, and I personally believe it is a good way to start your career in accounting. Auditors review the financial statements of other companies, and make sure that the information that is shared with the public is correct and not misstated,” says Soumya. 

“Although I have only been in my role for a few weeks, I have been out with senior auditors at HLB Mann Judd for client work, and have learned how to conduct low level testing. I have been lucky to be able to work closely with my seniors as they not only tell me how to test client’s creditors or payables, but give me a chance to have a go at doing it by myself.”  

Soumya will undertake the CA Program later this year with the support of HLB Mann Judd. She is excited to be able to further develop her technical skills and apply her learnings from the CA Program in her role.

“I have always been a high academic achiever, and knew that I wanted to undertake the CA Program after finishing my degree. As a graduate auditor, I am learning on the job. I get to go out to clients for field work, and conduct low level testing to support my team. My goal is to progress, and to learn and grow as much as I can,” says Soumya.  

“In my role as an auditor, I hope to continue to support businesses and the wider public, progress in my career as an auditor as the years go by, and make a difference through my work.”


 "* This interview was conducted in 2020. Soumya Kapoor has since become Audit Senior at HLB Mann Judd."

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