Date posted: 16/07/2018

Meet the female CA kicking goals in the sport industry

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Any sport fan would agree that Tiffany Slater CA is living the dream.

"It's an opportunity to make a difference and it's really a once-in-a-career type of opportunity. I feel honoured to be doing it," says Tiffany Slater, Senior Manager of the National Rugby League (NRL) Women's Elite Program.

Tiffany has held four different managerial roles during her four years of working in rugby league that have each given her the opportunity to add new skills and experience to her CV.

Her current role with the Women's Elite Program empowers her to interact with a number of internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the Program is constantly at its best and getting the recognition it deserves.

"I'm really proud to work in an area of the game that is a first, so it's great - for women generally - that there's more opportunities now on the sporting field," Tiffany says.

Tiffany completed the CA Program in 2009 while working as a Finance Executive at Macquarie Group, and says that being an accountant has been a great foundation for her throughout her career. It has provided her with a rich knowledge and understanding that she brings to her conversations and an open door to a wealth of opportunities.

You don't have to follow a specific path as a CA, there is definitely room for variety, and it's a skill set that's really valued across businesses and a lot of industries
Tiffany Slater CA

Tiffany is in her final year of studying a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, and says postgraduate study has helped her gain a deeper understanding of working with others - especially as a senior leader.

"From a personal perspective, if I understand where a person's coming from and what they're trying to achieve in a situation - whether it's in a meeting or out on the field - and what drives them personally, then the way that I have a conversation with them and the way that I approach a subject with them is different, because of having that understanding," Tiffany says.

In recent years, the National Rugby League has seen growth in the number of women in leadership roles, such as directors and managers1.

"I think sport is a subset of society, and it's something that a lot of people connect to and find identity and passion within. I think being able to have a true representation of society in sport is really important," Tiffany says.

"For us it's about growing the game for everyone - for women, men and youth - and I work in a sport that really values inclusivity."

Tiffany Slater CA
Tiffany Slater CA

The NRL celebrates the crowds of female fans that attend games weekly and women's participation on the field. Tiffany says that for her it's extremely rewarding to be part of such a supportive and diverse organisation.

"From a personal growth point of view, it's really enriching to be at the forefront and leading a variety of these teams to set up what will be a legacy for women," she says.

Working in the sporting industry has also given Tiffany the opportunity to better connect with her work as an accountant.

"Before I was in sport, what I was really craving and what really made sense to me when I was putting accounting into practice was working in something that was tangible," she explains. "For me, sport is tangible. You can see the product on the field in the case of Rugby League, so that helped me connect with my work more easily."

"I don't think you need to be a mad, passionate fan of any particular sport, but you do need to have a passion for what sport represents or what sport can do for people, because it has the opportunity and the potential to change lives and touch society in a unique way."

Banner photo credit: NRL Photos