Date posted: 22/12/2017

The Chartered Accountants ANZ Scholarship Fund

The Chartered Accountants ANZ Scholarship Fund offers study grants to university students studying business and commerce.

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The Chartered Accountants Scholarship Fund offers study grants to marginalised and disadvantaged Australian university students studying business and commerce to support tomorrow's leaders. Successful applicants receive $5,000 annually to assist them with the cost of finishing their undergraduate studies.

The Foundation accepts applications twice a year and two scholarships are awarded each year to applicants who:

  • are currently enrolled in year 12
  • have completed year 12
  • been accepted to study a relevant degree at university
  • are enrolled in a relevant accounting degree
  • meet the selection criteria

Find out about the eligibility and selection criteria for the Scholarship Fund.

How the Scholarship helped 2014 recipient, Brooke Green

Brooke Green, who lives in Bundaberg, 385 kilometres north of Brisbane, says the support from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand was instrumental in allowing her to finish her studies at Central Queensland University. She completed a Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business degree majoring in property in November.

"I am from a low-income family and I am one of six siblings," says Brooke. "The scholarship not only paid for my study expenses such as textbooks and computer fees, but it introduced me to many local Chartered Accountants, who supported my studies." This support included regular advice from her scholarship mentor, Bradley Grogan from DGZ Chartered Accountants in Bundaberg. "When I was at university, Bradley was a big help. He was very good at advising me about the electives I should choose to make me more appealing to future employers," says Brooke, who is currently searching for her first accounting posting.

The Chartered Accountants Scholarship Fund is currently closed.