Date posted: 15/06/2019

Tips to remember when you need to remember

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There's so much information to take in when you're at school or university. How can you possibly remember it all? You need to take in as much as possible if you're going to succeed. And there are some simple techniques for doing so.

The brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it is. And just like exercise, there are some techniques and skills that you can teach yourself to help you remember things.

Try these next time you're in a lecture or class, as a way of making the information easier to learn:

Write it down

The process of writing something down forces you to concentrate. When we concentrate, we are more open to taking things in. When writing notes, give as much contextual information as you can - such as the day, the weather, the location.

Get healthy

A healthy body means a healthy mind. Exercise, regular sleep patterns and good food will all ensure the brain is rested and fuelled, and better able to operate.

Send it to yourself

If you find yourself forgetting things, try emailing or texting yourself as a reminder later. It'll jog your memory, and give you a written reference.

Find your learning style

People learn in different ways - some through images, some through sounds, some through having a go, some through touch. Work out your way of learning, and use it as a way to bring the teaching to life. In a lecture, for example, drawing a picture might help. One student found that peeling an orange during the lecture helped by association!

Believe in yourself

If you keep telling yourself you have a bad memory, then you probably will. Tell yourself you have a fantastic memory, and it may well improve.


Actors learn their lines by repeating the script over and over again. As you hear information, repeat it to yourself. Repeat it straight after the lecture or class. Then again an hour later. Try it the morning after.