Date posted: 25/08/2019

Why C-skills are the new must have

In Brief:

  • C-skills or soft skills are increasingly becoming compulsory in today's work force.

  • Tout your C-skills through past work experience to provide yourself an advantage.

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When it comes to recruiting, grades and technical skills are important, but they're only part of the skill set employers are looking for. Soft skills commonly referred to as the C- skills are fast becoming a must-have for today's graduate.

The C's in C-skills

Communication, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Cooperation and Caring. With the changing nature of work, these literal C-skills are in hot demand. According to Hays*, "candidates tend to focus on the technical or hard skills required for a role and brush over the soft skills components of an employer's wish list, yet these soft skills are highly sought after by employers." So employers want these skills, but how do you know if you have them, and what can you do to build them up?

Seeing the C's

Employers look for evidence of C-skills in the kinds of activities and work you've done during your studies as well as your spare time. Have you had a part-time job? If so, how can this show employers how you deal with situations requiring trust, responsibility and initiative? Highlight instances and key responsibilities and back them up with proof. What about other life skills and experiences? Can they showcase other C-skills you can bring to the table?

Relationships matter

Employers want well-rounded people who can relate to others including clients and colleagues. Can you show that you work well in a team as well on your own? Are you able to identify problems, find solutions and make things happen?

Finding your C's

Internships, work experience placements and mentoring programmes are all great opportunities to find and refine your C-skills. It's the kind of real-life work experience that employers look for as well as offer.

C-skills have become essential in today's business world and if you possess some of them, the career path will only get smoother for you. If not, there isn't a better time than now to start developing your soft skills!