Date posted: 20/10/2020

Yasmine Gill CA on aligning passion with purpose

We speak to Yasmine Gill CA, Senior Consultant at PwC Indigenous Consulting, about how her CA skills and knowledge are helping her make a difference to the Indigenous community.

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How do you align your profession with your purpose and passion? Yasmine Gill CA, has achieved this balance on her difference maker journey by being clear on what she wants to learn, what she wants to achieve, and what she cares about most.

“After completing Year 12, I spent 18 months in the then Department of Justice Northern Territory. Although the role was in admin, I feel lucky that I was able to work alongside government-based solicitors so early on,” says Yasmine. 

“It was really the first insight I had into not only the professional world, but also the legal world, which was where I ultimately wanted to be. It showed me that I felt comfortable in a professional environment and also confirmed that law was something that I wanted to study.”

Although she had no prior experience in commerce, Yasmine decided to study a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce at Adelaide University. She had a gut feeling that a mix of law and commerce expertise would hold her in good stead.

I think law was very interesting to study, but the path that I took gave me the opportunity to challenge my perspective of what I could actually do, achieve and give back through the commerce profession.
Yasmine Gill CA Senior Consultant at PwC Indigenous Consulting

Yasmine reflects that this instinct has proven correct - with the double degree equipping her with the skills and perspective she needs to pursue her passion for helping others, through her work.

“The reason I initially wanted to study law was to make a difference in people’s lives and drive meaningful change, giving back to my community,” says Yasmine. 

“I think law was very interesting to study, but the path that I took gave me the opportunity to challenge my perspective of what I could actually do, achieve and give back through the commerce profession.” 

In the first year of her degree, Yasmine also completed a six-month traineeship with PwC working in their tax and accounting advisory department with small- to medium-sized businesses, high net worth individuals and family groups. 

Yasmine says this traineeship allowed her to put her learnings from university into practice, and was a welcome challenge as she took her first steps in the accounting workforce.

“After six months I wasn’t ready to give up, I enjoyed the team, the supportive culture and the challenge of the accounting world,” says Yasmine.

“I kept extending the six-month period until I became an undergrad with PwC, essentially working throughout my university degree where my role and my study informed each other to educate me about the world of commerce.”

Her purpose of striving to make a difference in her community was confirmed when she was offered a role in PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC) team. Yasmine says this opportunity helped her reach her goal of excelling in her accounting career, and also make a real impact in a way that’s very close to her heart. 

“I’m passionate about helping others and giving back to my people and my community. I support self-determination and recognise that PIC’s common values align with this. The organisation is 51% Indigenous owned and 49% owned by PwC Australia, making this one of the key qualities that resonated with me along with the professional service capabilities,” says Yasmine. 

“At a high level, the organisation aims to support positive change in the communities. They do this by providing professional services and giving advice to clients such as the government, corporate businesses, Indigenous-led business and community clients on various Indigenous matters.”

Yasmine plans to continue driving change for the Indigenous community, and has recently completed the CA Program. She says that her CA qualification and the fact that she never let any opportunities for career growth pass her by have got her to where she is today. 

“Just to be a part of such a prestigious group of people with my new skills and confidence is empowering. I am able to use these resources to give back to my community and provide better support in both my current and future roles,” Yasmine says. 

Yasmine’s advice to other young professionals is to seize opportunities when they present themselves. She encourages those who may shy away from new experiences to simply give them a go.

“Opportunities may be outside of your comfort zone, but they’re worth taking on. If I had turned down any one of the opportunities I’ve been given along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Saying yes to new experiences has allowed me to develop my skills to help other people and make a difference in my community.” 

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