Date posted: 21/03/2016

Darren Chan CA

Living a 24 hour lifestyle in Hong Kong

Darren Chan CA is a Corporate Finance Manager for Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong*.

Darren Chan began his journey in Melbourne working for Deloitte where he completed the Chartered Accountants Program. At this point he made the decision to try his luck in Hong Kong, where he worked as a Financial Controller for Jardine Matheson.

He works between the actual business and the Finance Department, building a bridge so that both divisions communicate and they can both reach the goals that the company needs to, together.

"Being a Chartered Accountant definitely helped me get to where I am today, by enabling me to have an open mind, and enabling me with many tools - both the soft side and the technical side -to be able to take on all the challenges that I face day to day." - Darren Chan CA.

*Darren is now a Finance Director at Dairy Farm Group in Singapore.

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