Alice Jiang


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  • Campus: Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria

Alice Jiang

What are you studying?

Commerce/Law - Finance and Accounting.

Why did you want to become a CA Student Rep?

Being a CA Student Rep is incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. The people I've met working for CA has been amazing. From the organisation itself, to working alongside like-minded students, working with high schools - it's an incredible experience overall and has certainly lived up to what I imagined it to be. 

How do you want to make a difference in the world?

I think I would like to be someone that other people can count on. Not all changes and differences have to be mammoth in size, some can be small and still be powerful. If I can make sure everything I do is done with 100% commitment and effort, I think the small improvements and changes I can make will add up to something worthwhile. I hope to be someone that other people that can be motivated and inspired by.

How would your friends, family or a colleague describe you?

I think I would generally be described as bubbly, enthusiastic and talkative! I think my family would describe me as constantly being out of the house and not home enough, because I've always got something on. I think my friends would describe me as a serial bruncher and constant foodie. My colleagues would probably consider me someone who is really open, and always down for a chat.

What you are interested in outside of Uni and work?

I really believe in the merits of a well-balanced schedule. I play a bit of futsal with my friends, and take some time to volunteer at the local legal service. I also really enjoy spending time with friends and family. As for travel, I'll be attending the London School of Economics (LSE) during the winter break.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about studying business/accounting?

It's a great degree. It's flexible, rewarding and allows you to learn both soft and hard skills. I would recommend it to any student that has ambition and drive, and is willing to cement it with hard work. It gives you breadth, choice and you can do many, many great things with it.