Courtney Salter


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  • Campus: University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania

Courtney Salter

What are you studying?

Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Accounting and Journalism.

How do you want to make a difference in the world?

Business involving young people is my passion; seeing fresh energetic people able to make the things they love into careers. It's thrilling to live in a world where creativity and structures like accounting and business work together so fluidly. My long term goal is to work overseas in both a practical and advisory role teaching people how to organise their businesses to reach their maximum potential. I believe that being involved with CA will allow me to make a real difference by guiding people's ideas and dreams practically.

What are your career/life aspirations?

My greater aspirations for life are to work internationally, ideally in developing countries. I aim to work in a practical role advising local and young aspiring business people how to extend their levels of success. I hope to travel regularly in such a role and experience culture on a grand scale.

Tell me how you first got involved in with accounting/business, what inspired you?

My first experience of accounting was a class I did in year 12. I was somewhat dubious to begin with but my preconceptions were quickly dashed as my teacher ,who maintains the position of favourite to this day, began the first class by teaching us about the boardroom and telling us some of the many different roles she has experienced through her business degree. I was fascinated from that day forward and the continued learning has not disappointed in any way.

What do you wish other people knew about studying business/accounting?

I wish other people knew that business is anything but boring! The most amazing thing about studying business/accounting is the huge scope of opportunities, while it sounds cliched, imagination and willingness to commit are the only limits to where you could go. Business is about innovation and creativity, not just facts and figures.