Eunice Gueco


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  • Campus: Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington.

Eunice Gueco

What are you studying?

Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law and Taxation.

Why did you want to become a CA Student Rep?

One of my goals in this role is to spread awareness of the CA Program to the best of my abilities - reiterating the cliche saying of ‘what you get is what you put in’. Personally, I am motivated to improve my public speaking as it is a desirable skill to have in and out of the workforce. Thus becoming a CA Student Rep is a great avenue to improve my communication skills and broaden my network! Additionally the culture is fun, friendly.

How do you want to make a difference in the world?

For me, to make a difference in this world is simply to serve others with kindness and humility. Whether it be through volunteering your time in a soup kitchen or doing your chores without being asked - just simple gestures. Notably, making a difference in our world today comes with passion to help and not with an agenda to add onto one’s CV. 

What are your career/life aspirations?

I enjoy watching films. I have a passion for business. Combined equates to one of my dream jobs of being in charge of the award ballots such as the Oscars! 

If you had any advice for your fellow students about tackling university or preparing for the 'real' world, what would it be?

To those preparing for the ‘real’ world. I have three words of advice: 1) Be brave in your works and dreams, have faith. 2) Be ambitious, you are the only one who can set limits on yourself. 3) Be your true self and strive to be a better version of you everyday.

Tell me how you first got involved in with accounting/business, what inspired you?

The first time I did 'business' was being the person in charge of the ice-cream container filled with coins in a sausage sizzle fundraiser for a youth camp. However, my parents are my inspirations on why I want to continue a career in business. Their story of leaving behind their home country and strong careers to a new and diverse country in order for me and my brother to have a better life is what motivates me - to serve others, to study, not wait but seek for opportunities and for what? So I can be happy with what I do in the future knowing that I did my full best to do so.