Isabella Maria Dedousis


  • Email:
  • Campus: RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria

Isabella Dedousis

What are you studying?

Professional Accountancy with a minor in Business Information Systems.

Why did you want to become a CA Student Rep?

I was prompted to apply for this position as I believe it will allow me to strengthen my understanding about the career I wish to pursue. Networking and engaging with industry experts will grant me various insights into the day-to-day lives of a diverse range of accountants from all walks of life. Additionally, while affiliated with Chartered Accountants ANZ, I will be able to explore the structure of the CA program itself, as I want to complete it during my career. 

Furthermore, upon reflection of my research regarding the profession to date, I wanted to become a CA student representative to dismantle this perception among students that accounting merely involves number crunching and preparing financial reports. Many students perceive that accounting is confined to a set of jobs completed at the end of each financial year. However, this impression could not be farther from the truth, accountants engage in a diverse range of services including assurance, tax and advisory.

What you are interested in outside of Uni and work?

I've recently started running and hope to run a 10K in September. It acts as a great stress relief. I also love travelling. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the United States in 2013. The New York City architecture is incredible and I would love to return there during my career. I've also been to Greece a few times to visit relatives. It's definitely a must to visit during Melbourne's miserable winter - the warm weather and the picturesque beaches are reason enough to book a ticket.

If you had any advice for your fellow students about tackling university or preparing for the 'real' world, what would it be?

Take advantage of every opportunity at university, sign up for clubs and attend events. University is a time to develop new hobbies and meet like-minded people. Challenge yourself, take initiative and make a point to go out of your comfort zone.

Tell me how you first got involved in with accounting/business, what inspired you?

My sister inspired me to try accounting during my secondary schooling. During the time she was studying accounting at university and encouraged me to explore the subject. I took time to research it online and then decided to choose accounting as my VCE subject in year 10.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about studying business/accounting?

Many business courses incorporate core subjects, allowing you to take time to discover which aspect of business you wish to pursue a career in. Whether it be accounting, management or marketing, a business degree provides you with the platform to find your passion.