Kimberly Snook


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  • Campus: Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton.

Kimberly Snook

What are you studying?

Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in Accounting.

How would your friends, family or a colleague describe you?

Colleagues would describe me as a dedicated hard worker, very organised, friendly and easily approachable. Friends and family think I am extremely aspirational and a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my studies.

If you had any advice for your fellow students about tackling university or preparing for the 'real' world, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to ask questions. University is all about learning and then applying that knowledge when you get in to the 'real' world. Don't sit back and take a ride, take advantage of any opportunities that may come up.

What was your fondest memory from university so far?

The fondest memory would have to be achieving excellent grades across all my papers in my first year which is something I aim to keep up for the remainder of my degree.

Tell me how you first got involved in with accounting/business, what inspired you?

I enjoyed economics and accounting at school but when I left I had the travel bug instead of the study one! Therefore it was a few years before the idea of university seemed appealing to me. I attended a careers expo and got chatting to a lady at the WINTEC stand who was actually an accountant herself. She inspired me to choose this pathway by explaining how accounting was no longer seen as a boring, number crunching job, it was changing and becoming a lot more involved with a practical approach. I could see it as a chance to make a difference in an organisation.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about studying business/accounting?

Go for it! A business and accounting degree will set you up for an exciting and diverse career. There are different pathways you can take and plenty of opportunities waiting for you!