Employer Registrations for 2017 Achiever Programme

Ready to find your future talent?

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's (CA ANZ) Achiever Programme is designed to provide employers with a short list of potential accounting students from universities across Australia and New Zealand... and connect them to potential employers.

This is an invaluable opportunity to introduce promising students to your organisation and to build your employer brand.

Your Questions Answered

  • Why participate in the Achiever Programme

    The Achiever Programme, our flagship initiative utilises third party tools to assist in the recruitment process and help identify a pool of potential candidates currently studying business or accounting - and connect them to employers interested in offering work experience.

    This is a perfect opportunity to start engaging potential graduate candidates before they complete their studies, build your employer brand, evaluate their suitability for your organisation and ultimately build an early pipeline of graduate talent.

    In summary, you will have an opportunity to:

    • Identify, engage with and trial promising talent while they are still studying.
    • Build a pipeline for your graduate programs and/or entry level finance and accounting roles.
    • Build your employer brand with thousands of students.
    • Create brand ambassadors.
    • Save time and resources - let us do the ground work for you.
    • Help equip future talent with a better understanding of what a career in business and accounting could hold for them.
  • How does the candidate screening process work

    CA ANZ utilises third party recruitment tools to assist in the recruitment process including cutting edge cognitive testing (including problem solving, numerical reasoning and processing speed exercises), a video interview and in some regions, assessment centres to identify and shortlist a range of potential candidates.

    These students are then provided with the opportunity to meet with participating employers based on the employer’s specified requirements e.g. field of study, year of study, career interests, length of placement etc. From here, employers are invited to interview the shortlisted candidates and make a selection.

  • Timing and duration of placements

    Achiever placements can range from 1-12 weeks in duration and run during the summer holiday period (November 2017 - March 2018). In order for you to effectively evaluate a candidate's suitability and to provide the most rewarding experience for the intern (increasing your chances of creating a brand advocate), we recommend placements between 3-12 weeks.

  • What if we don't have an established work experience programme?

    For those organisations who don't have an established work experience program, the team at CA ANZ is on hand to provide support and guidance. This includes the provision of a comprehensive 'best practice' guide to establishing and running a work experience programme.

  • What if we are short on time and resources?

    Identifying and building a relationship with promising talent ahead of the graduate intake period could save you time and effort in the long run. After a positive work experience placement, these students can end up committing to your organisation before considering other alternatives in their final year.

    We acknowledge that recruiting for and running a work experience programme requires time and effort. For this reason, we will do some of the ground work for you and present you with a pool of talent to select from.

  • What if we already recruit for and run our own summer work experience programme?

    Through the employer-student matching component of the Achiever Programme, we may introduce you to promising students who may not have otherwise applied for your established vacation program or been aware of your employer brand.

  • What are the costs associated with participation in the Achiever Programme?

    Employer participation in the Achiever Programme is offered free of charge. This includes the costs associated with the recruitment process and the promotion of your employer brand on campaign materials.

    However, employers participating in the Achiever Programme are expected to offer paid work experience placements.

  • How do I register to participate?

    Employer registrations for the 2017 Achiever Program are officially closed. However, if you are interested in participating, please send your expression of interest to careers.national@caanz.com.

View the guidelines for participating employers

Employer registrations for the 2017 Achiever Program are officially closed. However, if you are interested in participating, please send your expression of interest to careers.national@caanz.com.

Feedback from existing Employer participants:

"Great program and in the past when I have been involved with other organisations I have worked for it has been a fantastic way of providing an opportunity to a candidate but also to recruit for the longer term."

"We are still employing our last four CA Achievers on a part time basis and we hope one of them will join us on a full time basis at the end of the year upon completion of his degree."

"Our candidate has subsequently applied for our internal Grad program and been successful so will start in January 2018"

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