Find Your Fit Brisbane

Which accounting specialisation could suit your personality?


  • Who should attend: Tertiary students
  • Date and Time: Wednesday 25 July, 3.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Location: Chartered Accountants ANZ, Level 13, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Business and accounting have many diverse career pathways including forensic, sustainability, government, tax, social, and financial accounting.

As a student, you need to select the right fit for your personality, talent and skill set to ensure a successful career. But how can you select an accounting specialty when you don't know all the options?

Find your Fit can give an insight into what your future career could look like. Learn from Chartered Accountants in different specialisations that take on these roles day-to-day. Have the opportunity to ask questions, find out what personalities often thrive in each service line and what skills you might need in a specific service line to be successful.