CA student representatives

Every year Chartered Accountants ANZ employ highly motivated students passionate about accounting to become CA student representatives at selected tertiary campuses across Australia and New Zealand.

Being a CA student rep is more than just a paid role, CA student reps have the opportunity to:

  • gain valuable professional development training
  • be mentored by a Chartered Accountants ANZ Careers Engagement consultant
  • represent Chartered Accountants ANZ at various industry and career events
  • have personal introductions to Chartered Accountants ANZ contacts, partner employers, academics and career experts
  • gain soft skills such as leadership, relationship building, confidence and increased communication techniques.

Take a look at the benefits of becoming a CA student representative, and how the experience can provide university students with valuable opportunities to grow and boost their employability.

What people are saying about the CA student rep program

Teresa De Abreu"CA student reps stand out because they’re confident and comfortable talking to anyone. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to them, they’re always good communicators because they’ve developed this skill in the representative role."

Chris Wright"You can already see that our former CA student reps are going to go a long way at Baker Tilly Staples Rodway."
Chris Wright, Head of HR at Baker Tilly Staples Rodway New Zealand.


Meet our CA student reps

Our CA student reps come from a range of tertiary institutions across Australia and New Zealand, have varied backgrounds and have many interests outside of work and study. See for yourself:

One Young World - see how some of our CA student reps have made a difference internationally

Each year, Chartered Accountants ANZ send two delegates to the One Young World Summit which is in a different international location each year, in an effort to support the next generation of difference makers.

In previous years, One Young World counsellors have included: Nobel Peace laureates, heads of state, campaigners and activists including Kofi Annan, Sir Bob Geldof, Muhammad Yunus, Mary Robinson, Justin Trudeau, Emma Watson and Meghan Markle.

Check out the highlights from the 2019 One Young World Summit

In 2019 CA student reps Lontya Kalililo and Christian Bien attended the 4 day summit in London.

Lontya Kalililo"There is so much power in coming together. It is important to give young people opportunities to work together for a better future, because we are the next generation. It is the kind of networking experience where simple connections could create so much good in the world."

Christian Bien"Delegates share their passions, stories, and experiences collectively - all of which I can learn from and then take back to my community. It's a fantastic opportunity to drive social impact within [my state], but also within the global community, too."

If you would like one of our CA student reps to speak at your school or tertiary institution, feel free to reach out to the Careers Engagement team.

If you're a student that would like to apply, find all the details here.

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