CA student representative recruitment

Every year, Chartered Accountants ANZ employ highly motivated students majoring in accounting to become CA student representatives.

In this paid role, you will represent the Chartered Accountants ANZ brand at a range of events on and off campus including industry events, lecture presentations, discussion groups and at high school events.

This role gives you the opportunity to inspire your peers to pursue a career in business and accounting, inform them about relevant upcoming events, internship roles or work experience programs that could help them in their careers. While giving you skills like leadership, relationship building, confidence, increased communication techniques, presentation and public speaking which you will be able to use throughout your career.

Hear about the experiences of past CA student reps

Madi Gurr"It really opened my eyes to all the different pathways in accounting. Meeting people from different firms and industries is a great way to explore what you want from your career."

Ashleigh Whitmore"The networking aspect of being a student rep has really prepared me for my graduate role. It developed my understanding of what employers look for in applicants, and also helped me develop a demonstrated ability to talk with all kinds of people in the workplace."

In this role, you will have the opportunity to

  • gain personal introductions to Chartered Accountants ANZ contacts, partner employers and career experts within the accounting industry
  • be mentored by an experienced Careers Engagement consultant who can provide training, soft skills, introductions and advise you about graduate roles in your region
  • assist with the distribution of marketing collateral and relevant messaging, assist us with organising adverting on campus
  • help us to amplify our Social Media messages and proactively promote events and initiatives
  • create and maintain relationships with Student Societies, Academics and Career Services on your campus.

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