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Chartered Accountants ANZ are committed to helping you develop the next generation of difference makers

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Educators play an imperative role in developing the skills, knowledge and guiding the career paths of students - the Difference Makers of tomorrow.

We are here to support you as you engage your students, foster their interest in pursuing a career in business, and highlight the career opportunities associated with becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Inspire the next generation of Difference Makers to positively impact the businesses, organisations, economies, societies and the communities in which they live, and will one day work.

What does it mean to be a Difference Maker?

  • Creating a positive impact to go the extra mile
  • The ability to think critically within an ethical framework
  • Being equipped with the unique skills required to drive business decisions

By encouraging your students to explore a career in finance and business, you’ll help them discover how they can use their diverse and versatile skill set to make a positive, significant and sustainable difference through their ideas and actions.

What makes CAs different?

  • They are able to contribute to something bigger than themselves
  • They gain a unique perspective through their training
  • They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve complex business challenges
  • They know how to influence positive differences in businesses, organisations and communities

Once your students complete the CA Program and become a Chartered Accountant they hold  a globally-recognised, highly-respected accounting qualification (GradDipCA) and a professional designation which is helping to shape the future of business. CAs have the skills to make a real difference within their communities, economies and across borders.

By supporting your students to reach their full potential as a CA, you’ll also be helping to make a difference not only to their futures, but to businesses, organisations, economies, societies and the world.

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What do our Difference Makers have to say?

I want more people to have the confidence to take a risk, and utilise all of their skills and experiences in the corporate world to help the community. Whether it's on boards or offering support, advice, or your time, I think people will be surprised what a positive impact they can make.
Mark Valerio CA Partner at PwC and Board Member of Association of Children's Welfare Agencies (ACWA)

The key piece of advice I give students who are interested in a career in accounting, is definitely go for it, because you’ll start in accounting and then you can end up wherever you want to. Being a Chartered Accountant means a lot to me. It means you are part of a community, supporting each other, and always learning.
Camille Woods CA Accounting Academic and Corporate Meditation Teacher

Aside from the technical skills, being a Chartered Accountant changes the way you think about the world. The way you think about things becomes more systemic, allowing you to solve problems more effectively.
Nurain Janah Senior Consultant at EY and provisional CA