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With so much going on, we recognise that students can be caught up in stressful environments and challenging situations. We aim to connect you to resources and information to help you navigate uncertain times, prioritising your own wellbeing and practicing self-care.

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  1. Larger New Zealand charities - are you ready to report service performance information?

    An outline of the service performance reporting requirements for tier 1 and 2 charities, including key implementation aspects from PBE FRS 48...

  2. For-profit accounting changes mandatory from 30 June 2022

    CA ANZ members were heard regarding a new reporting framework being implemented by the Australian Accounting Standards Board...

  3. Joint submission on developing an international reduced disclosure regime

    Joint Submission on IASB ED 2021-7 CPA Australia and CA ANZ have welcomed the IASB’s proposals to permit the use of reduced disclosures by subsidiaries without public accountability that choose to or...

  4. Starting a sustainability reporting revolution

    Investors are demanding better reporting on ESG issues and a new sustainability standard setter may deliver what’s required...

  5. Joint submission on IASB Post-implementation Review of IFRS 9

    CA ANZ / CPA Australia joint submission on IASB Post-implementation Review of IFRS 9 classification and measurement...

  6. Joint submission on IASB’s new disclosure approach

    CA ANZ / CPA Australia joint submission on IASB Exposure Draft ED/2021/3: Disclosure Requirements in IFRS Standards – A Pilot Approach...

  7. Joint submission on ED315 - simplifying transition to consolidated GPFRs

    Joint CA ANZ / CPA Submission on AASB ED 315...

  8. Joint submission supports proposals to align ATSI and ACNC reporting requirements

    Joint CA ANZ / CPA submission on updating ATSI regulations...

  9. Submission on the XRB’s Governance and Risk Management Consultation Document

    The External Reporting Board called for submissions on the first phase of its climate reporting standards consultation...

  10. Joint submission on IPSASB mid-period work program

    CA ANZ / CPA Australia joint submission on IPSASB mid-period work program consultation...

  11. Joint submission on AASB ED 314 - IASB plans reduced disclosures for subsidiaries

    IASB plans reduced disclosures for subsidiaries...

  12. Joint Submission on IPSASB measurement proposals

    Joint submission (CPA Australia and CA ANZ) on recommends more work on planned revisions to fair value measurement requirements (EDs 76, 77, 77, 78 and 79)...

  13. Submission on IASB’s Request for Information – Third Agenda Consultation

    CA ANZ submission to the IASB’s Request for Information – Third Agenda Consultation...

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If you or someone you know needs help during these challenging times, please contact:

In Australia

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Reach out to Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

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A national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour support and suicide prevention services. Access crises support chat or call 13 11 14.

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In New Zealand

Lifeline Aotearoa

Lifeline Aotearoa’s helpline and textline provides 24/7, confidential support from qualified counsellors and trained volunteers. Call on 0800 543 354 or text ‘Help’ to 4357.

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Established to ensure young people know where to get help and can access support when they need it. Reach out on 0800 376 633 and send a text on 234.

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