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    Media Statement from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand regarding CPA Australia

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand in discussion with regulators to support members should the Australian limited liability scheme administered by CPA Australia lapse...

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    Quality review program Australia: insolvency engagements questionnaire

    Quality review questionnaire: insolvency engagements, used by reviewers during quality reviews, and can be used by practices in Australia to self-review their practice as part of their internal...

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    Updates and support to help you stay up to date with current financial reporting trends, developments and regulatory requirements...

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    Mental Health First Aid Guide for Chartered Accountants

    Guide on how to help a colleague or client who’s showing signs of developing a mental health problem or is in crisis...

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    Chartered Accountants comment on ATO Systems Report into major IT outages

    The publication today of the ATO’s Systems Report provides a welcome insight into the major outages which occurred in December 2016 and February 2017...

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    Regulators must evolve or risk hindering fintech growth

    Regulatory regimes can make or break emerging businesses in the digital economy...

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    The Regulator of 2030: Regulating our digital future

    The Regulator of 2030: Regulating our digital future...

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    Reporting Quizzes

    How clear is your understanding of the content and implications of the new standards on revenue , financial instruments and leases...

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    New Zealand Budget 2017

    Reports, insights and analysis of the Budget delivered 25 May 2017...

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    Budget 2017 – “More responsible than a pure lolly scramble.”

    However it is more responsible than a pure lolly scramble...

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    Chartered Accountants ANZ partnership with Pinnacle Life announced

    A new partnership between Pinnacle Life and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand will provide Chartered Accountants ANZ Members direct life insurance products...

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    New poll - housing and healthcare the clear cut top priorities for Kiwis ahead of Budget

    An exclusive new poll has revealed the top issues New Zealanders believe the Government must address in Thursday’s Budget. It also gives insights into attitudes towards tax reductions...

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    CA ANZ and ACCA to co-locate in a number of strategically critical markets

    Teams in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong to co-locate...

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    Chartered Accountants ANZ appoints transformation leader as CEO

    National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa head to start at end of July...

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    Australia’s Federal Budget may give Kiwis an idea or two

    How do you craft a Budget where the main pain appears to be borne by multinational companies and big banks?...

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    Retirees and first time buyers benefit from Federal Budget

    Responding to the 2017 Federal Government’s Budget Tony Negline, Head of Superannuation at Chartered Accountants ANZ said: “This year’s Federal Budget could improve the superannuation and this is good...

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    Sowing seeds. Hoping for Growth. Harvesting Votes.

    2017-18 Federal Budget indicates Turnbull government in a state of readiness for an election...

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    Productivity Commission: Why don't we discuss growing the pie, instead of arguing about the size of the slice

    The Federal Budget and Productivity Commission review announced yesterday should be the opportunity to talk about fairly growing GST revenue, not just how the method of distribution...

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    Neil Paviour-Smith FCA

    Board Director...

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    Michael Forde FCA

    Board Director...

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    Louise McCann

    Board Director...

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    Engaging with people experiencing mental health problems and financial difficulties

    This mental health first aid guide explores how to help a colleague or client who’s showing signs of developing a mental health problem or is in crisis...

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    The time to act is now: Australia needs brave budget decision making and a long-term plan

    Australia must take swift action to avoid a pensioner-induced budget crash...

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    Government's change of mind with debt could benefit generations of Australians

    Australians need to stop accepting the simplistic argument that “budget surplus good, budget deficit bad” that continues to consume the national debate on debt and deficits...

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    Craig Norgate accounting scholarship winners announced

    Outstanding accounting students receive inaugural scholarships honouring admired leader...

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    Cassandra Crowley FCA


  27. ca anz

    CA ANZ CEO Lee White to stand down

    Board Chair Murray Jack today announced the decision by Lee White to stand down as Chief Executive Officer...

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    New NZ leader appointed

    Chartered Accountants ANZ appoints Peter Vial as New Zealand Country Head...

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    Company tax rate good news for small to medium sized companies, but Australia can't afford to give up on a 25% rate for all companies

    Chartered Accountants now have more certainty about company tax rate and can now start advising their clients about the headline company tax rate...

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    Australia’s $80bn export growth at risk if the Government doesn’t educate businesses on benefits of trade deals

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) calls for shift in government trade priorities in the face of new research...