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  1. 5 tips for writing a great cover letter

    First impressions count, even on the application you put in for a position. Here are 5 tips to write a great cover letter and leave a lasting impression...


  2. Forget photocopying, your intern could be your future CEO

    Internships have changed immeasurably since the days of filing and photocopying. Start developing the leaders of tomorrow by taking on the promising interns of today...


  3. What is Psychometric Testing?

    Find out how psychometric testing works, why they are used, what is involved in the process and how to ace your test...


  4. Young Enterprise Scheme National Awards 2016

    Congratulations to Where's Woolly from Nelson College who have won The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Company of the Year title...


  5. Top Māori accounting scholarship winners announced

    Read the inspiring stories of Kowhai Nepia and Zoe Edmonds who are picking up the baton for Māori accountants in New Zealand...


  6. 5 tips on building your social footprint

    Social media is a very powerful medium in building your career - using these 5 tips could help ensure your social profiles and activities leverage this principle...


  7. 10 accounting websites you need to favourite now

    Develop your business acumen by staying up to date with latest developments with these 10 websites...


  8. 10 ways networking can help you find a job

    Almost three-quarters of job opportunities go through word of mouth, learn how to network and tap into these potential opportunities...


  9. How to dress for success

    People will judge you by what you wear, so make sure you are dressing for success with this how-to guide...


  10. What drives unethical behaviour?

    Our latest white paper examines why people make unethical decisions in business, and what we can do to stop it...


  11. The Future of work: how can we adapt to survive and thrive?

    The future of work is uncertain but we need to be ready and willing to adapt to new circumstances and learn new skills...


  12. Debt free notions threaten better policy

    Unless the debate goes beyond "budget surplus good, budget deficit bad", the governments' capacity to improve the lives of all Australians could be needlessly constrained...


  13. What will the Auditor of tomorrow look like?

    Future[inc] thought leadership animation from Chartered Accountants ANZ - The future auditor...


  14. New leading edge Public Practice Program for Chartered Accountants

    Designed to empower practitioners to meet the changing demands of the finance and business world, the Program has been developed from extensive research and expert insights, using best-practice...


  15. Guidance for supervisors and auditors working together under the new financial markets legislation

    A framework for responsibilities and communication for supervisors (trustees) and auditors, including auditor reporting and engagement letters, under the FMC legislation (New Zealand)...


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