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  1. 2022 Australian Federal Election

    CA ANZ outlines its policy priorities for the next Federal Government ahead of the election on 21 May...


  2. Meet our NSW Public Sector Advisory Panel

    Hear from the NSW Public Sector Advisory Panel about their passion and views of the sector...


  3. How to get the best experience from online learning

    While it is vital to allow yourself the best possible environment and conditions when it comes to online study, it can still be a challenge to stay focused amid interruptions in the workplace or home...


  4. Five tech experts weigh in on the future of accounting

    Experts share their insights into how technology will impact the accounting profession over the next few years...


  5. What you need to know about director ID

    The Modernising Business Registers program is gaining momentum and directors should be prepared before the transition period...


  6. Revised NZ Insolvency Services Standard

    The NZ Regulatory Board has updated the NZ Insolvency Engagement Standard to reflect the new NZ insolvency practitionersregime and changes made to the NZ Code of Ethics...


  7. Natural disaster resources

    A range of resources and useful links to help you through natural disasters...


  8. Revised NZ Financial Advisory Services Standard

    The NZ Regulatory Board has updated the NZ Financial Advisory Engagements Standard to reflect changes made to the NZ financial advisorsregime and the NZ Code of Ethics...


  9. Cessation of President Nominations

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ceased providing an independent expert nomination service to resolve contractual disputes in 2015...


  10. External reporting is growing

    Craig Fisher, Audit Director of RSM New Zealand Group, says the demand for non-financial information is growing...


  11. CA Library Top HitsSummer 2020/21

    What did your fellow accountants read at CA Library during 2020?...


  12. Simplify JobMaker eligibility to boost uptake, urges CA ANZ

    Chartered Accountants ANZ has called on the Australian Government to simplify JobMaker to boost employment as the economy recovers from the impact of COVID-19...


  13. NZ Budget 2021

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealands scorecard on the New Zealand Budget 2021...


  14. Australian Federal Budget 2017-18

    Reports, insights and analysis of the Federal Budget delivered in Canberra on 9 May 2017...


  15. A rising tide lifts all boats: How Dr Amanda White CA is changing the lives of her students

    Dr Amanda White CA is an educator with an immense passion for auditing and helping others through education. We speak to Amanda about her Difference Maker journey and winning a national teaching award...