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    Certificate of Public Practice

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    Handling client money

    What is client money? Client money is any money coming into the control of a member in public practice, or any of the member’s personnel which are the property of a client. It includes money...

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    Leaving public practice

    Planning to leave public practice Unlike resigning from any other job, leaving public practice is a bit more complex and takes a bit of planning. You might choose to hand over to your partners, or...

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    Dealing with a complaint

    All members are subject to the complaints and professional conduct process. If you find yourself dealing with a complaint or you are under investigation, it’s important to be well informed about...

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    Tools and Technical resources

    Discover a wealth of tools and guidance to assist with your career, along with an extensively stocked online library service...

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    Career Pathways

    Providing career progression opportunities and connecting our experienced members with new CAs starting out in their careers...

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    Insight in Business

    Stay relevant with the latest business insights, opinions and briefing reports from industry professionals and thought leaders...

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    Corporate member support

    We offer opportunities for members to get involved in their local professional network, as well as resources and support for those who need it...

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    CPD exemptions

    Nothing stays the same for long Life can be unpredictable, and we know that for a variety of reasons, our members may be unable to meet all of their CPD hours. Depending on the circumstances, you may...