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    Hello future: the new CA Program is here

    Leading the way in developing future Chartered Accountants The accounting industry has been transformed by automation and digital change. The rise of emerging technologies is influencing the way...

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    Accredited Tertiary Courses 2021 for AU, NZ and overseas

    Accredited Tertiary Courses 2021 for AU, NZ and overseas...

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    Our course descriptions

    Find the right pathway for you by understanding what's involved in each of our courses...

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    Candidate Assessment and Grading Policy and Procedure

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    Candidate Admissions Policy and Procedure

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  6. Mentoring

    Mentoring forms a critical function to a candidate's learning experience. Our formalised approach to practical experience helps provide essential guidance and support to assist in attaining success...

  7. How to become a Chartered Accountant

    The Chartered Accountant (CA) certification is a highly regarded professional qualification with international recognition. Find out how it could allow you to work in a wide range of exciting and...

  8. How and when to apply

    Applying for the Chartered Accountants Program is easy. All it takes is 3 simple steps and you're on your way...

  9. Why become a Chartered Accountant?

    Why become a Chartered Accountant (CA)? CAs are difference makers that can change the world with the skills, knowledge and insight to make their visions a reality...

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    Western Australia events

    A list of events for all regions Or search for all online and regional events available on our store. Visit Education Store...