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  1. Start-ups and New Businesses Advisory Practitioners ProgramModule 1: Start-up ecosystem and business life cycle

    This first module focuses on the technical knowledge that you need to get started with your journey to become a leader in start-ups, scale-ups, new business advisory and support services. This module...


  2. Excel tips and tricks for business - Session 3 - Key Excel features

    More than just functions, Excel has a range of capabilities that make spreadsheets more functional and easier to use.Working with TablesUsing PivotTables and PivotChartsStylesData...


  3. Leverage Data through Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI eLearning

    Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI are tools that enable database-like computational power on our desktops, firstly within the familiar environment of Excel, and then within Power BI as it takes...


  4. Excel tips and tricks for business - Session 2 - Key Excel functions

    This session discusses the use of different Excel functions, which ones can be replaced by others, and useful functions you might not be aware ofLookup functions: VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, XLOOKUP, and...


  5. Special Tax & Superannuation topics 2022-23 - Small business CGT Concessions: Part 1

    Learning outcomesAfter successful completion of this topic, participants should be able to:Understand the nature of transactions that potentially involve small business concessions, differentiate...


  6. Corporate Financial Modelling: Building Forecasts and Cash Flows - eLearning

    Financial modelling is key to every business. Financial models can inform budgeting, forecasting, investment analysis, cash flows, loan sizing, valuationthe list is endless. If your financial...


  7. Forensic Accounting Community: Fraud and other financial crime risks in a changing environment

    Hear from Gary Gill CA, Director and Head of Investigations at Sapere Forensic, in a discussion highlighting the fraud and financial crime risks in a changing environment. Gary's presentation...


  8. Explaining Strategy and Understanding Innovation: The Business Model Canvas

    The capacity for resilience is often what can make all the difference between boom and bust for your organisation. Do you know how your business will be affected by technological, economic or social...


  9. Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity and ReportingeLearning

    Building a functional financial model is one thing but building a sophisticated financial model can elevated your business and provide you with vital information on financial analysis, loan sizing...


  10. From physical to digital: Risks for Chartered Accountants and how to manage them

    Technology riskInformation about the technology/cyber related risks in the current environment and how to mitigate them (including how cyber insurance can help) (20 mins) Chris McLaughlinCyber...


  11. Critical Skills for Strategic Forecasting & Budgeting Success

    Content Description Insight + Hindsight = Foresight How often have you looked back with the benefit of hindsight and wished you knew then what you know now? How do you compare what actually happened...


  12. Financial Modelling Essentialsthrough COVID-19 crisis and beyond

    Our lives have been reasonably predictable until now apart from minor seasonal variations. However, COVID-19 has now completely changed our normal into a new world of uncertainty. Financial Modelling...


  13. Corporate Financial Modelling: Setting up Financial ModelseLearning

    Financial modelling is essential to any business. You may need to build models for financial analysis, loan sizing, debt restructuring, valuationthe list is endless. Even though financial models...


  14. Digital Transformation of Processes, Products and ServiceseLearning

    Digital transformation is a huge opportunity and can enhance the efficiency of organisational operations. But too often great strategic plans are let down by poor implementation, underestimating risks...


  15. Working From Home EffectivelyA guide to leading your team remotely

    As a manager, when youre in the office, you can see what your team are doing and communicate with them face-to-face to manage tasks, reiterate goals, provide support and motivate them to succeed.This...