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  1. Effective Audit Report and its Impact on narrowing the Audit Expectation Gap

    Considering the reliance placed on auditors report it is essential that it provides all the relevant information in such a manner that users can make informed decisions with confidence. Theaudit...


  2. Psychological Safety Strategy Series Episode 2: The CompanyDoes your company have a psychological safety strategy? Why you need one!

    Research by Google uncovered the secret to every high performing team was the level of psychological safety felt by team members. Teams where there were high levels of psychological safety...


  3. F2F Event| Building Knowledge: Business Insite - Napier Prison

    Join us for a Business Insite to remember at Napier Prison, hear a local successful business story and take the opportunity to network with like-minded members.Napier Prison closed its doors as a...


  4. Psychological Safety Strategy Series Episode 1: How does psychological safety affect your company, your wellbeing and you?

    In this module you will gain an understanding of the concept of psychological safety and what positively and negatively influences our feeling of psychological safety. We all want to feel safe to...


  5. Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity and ReportingeLearning

    Building a functional financial model is one thing but building a sophisticated financial model can elevated your business and provide you with vital information on financial analysis, loan sizing...


  6. Christchurch Corporate Accounting and Business Systems SIG 2023

    The objective of the Corporate Accounting & Business Systems Special Interest Group is to provide a forum where members at all career stages can keep up with latest trends, network and hear about...


  7. International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Consultation Webinar

    Join us for an hour with Sue Lloyd, Vice-President of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), to hear more about the ISSBs consultation on its two first proposed standards (one on...


  8. ONLINE EVENT: NZ Sharing Knowledge: e-InvoicingNew Zealand Update and Xero/MYOB Demo

    e-Invoicing provides a safe and secure invoicing platform that will assist in increasing efficiencies, reducing errors and mitigating external risks.Register for this webinar to learn more and to see...


  9. Excel tips and tricks for business - Session 6 - Modern Excel - what you may have missed in the last ten years

    Excel has changed a lot over timeif youre just learning about Power Pivot and Power Query, consider that theyve been a part of Excel for the better part of 10 years now.  There have been...


  10. Corporate Financial Modelling: Setting up Financial ModelseLearning

    Financial modelling is essential to any business. You may need to build models for financial analysis, loan sizing, debt restructuring, valuationthe list is endless. Even though financial models...


  11. Using data for more effective, higher quality internal audits

    Content From experts, youll learn the intricacies of using data for internal audits; how data can be used to address findings (actions) and preparing deliverables; different approaches to using...


  12. Corporate Financial Modelling: Building Forecasts and Cash Flows - eLearning

    NZ members will be charged in Great British Pounds (GBP). The price of this self-paced eLearning course is £75.Financial modelling is key to every business. Financial models can inform budgeting...


  13. Digital Transformation of Processes, Products and ServiceseLearning

    Digital transformation is a huge opportunity and can enhance the efficiency of organisational operations. But too often great strategic plans are let down by poor implementation, underestimating risks...


  14. Communication and influencingtwo essential skills for career progression

    Some key topics that are explored during this session include:  Understand how to communicate effectively with different personality types and how to adapt your style to get your message across...


  15. Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (AASB 137/NZ IAS 37/IAS 37)

    Identification, accounting, and measurement of provisions is always tricky. Given the very nature of this, there is always a risk of inaccuracy with the classification, selecting between provisions...