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  1. Payroll solution for farmers

    Payroll solution for farmers & horticulturists...


  2. NZ workshops to help accountants support stressed rural clients

    CAs are in a unique position to spot changes in behaviour that makes them thinksomething is not right here and I need to take action’...


  3. Seven ways to support clients in farm debt mediation

    Rising farm debt is a reality for many on the land and CAs need to know how to deal with financial institutions and farmers alike...


  4. The planet is counting on you: Sustainability and accountants

    Accountants and finance teams will be at the heart of the action as money flows into sustainable activities...


  5. Sharing the prosperity

    Nafiz Azman CA has helped raise funds for charity, leading him to be recognised as the 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, ACT...


  6. New Deputy PM to revive regions

    Former media man and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has a primary goalto grow Australias regions with the help of big-ticket train transport...


  7. Bringing country clients closer to their banks

    Practical tips for accountants to foster a positive relationship between rural clients and their banks...


  8. A farmers friend in NZs greenhouse gas countdown

    BDOs Charles Rau FCA says CAs are well placed to help NZs farmers calculate greenhouse emissions by the 2022 deadline...


  9. Is fake meat the way of the future?

    As the cost to manufacturelaboratory meatfalls, the Australian and New Zealand meat industries are looking at how their products fit into the dinner menus of tomorrow...


  10. How to manage conflicts of interest

    A recent ICAC report sets out how public sector officials should manage the line between personal interest and public duty...


  11. Five essential factors for farm succession planning

    Practical tips for accountants to guide agribusiness clients through succession planning...


  12. From public practice to pearls

    After fate dealt him a blow, Peter Hansen FCA knew it was time for a change. But he had no idea how far it would take him...


  13. Down on the farm: Accounting and the agricultural sector

    Award-winning farmer Charmaine OSheas knowledge of farming and accounting is contributing to more profitable and sustainable agricultural sector...


  14. Award-winning rural CAs make their mark

    Launching their own family-friendly practice won Kylie Davidson CA and Emma Hammond CA official recognition as innovative and enterprising women...


  15. Regional and Rural Sector Committees

    Our regional and rural sector committees are a vital conduit between our regional councils, local committees and member groups, and CA ANZ management. If you're unsure about joining the Committee...


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