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    Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing

    The New Zealand accounting profession moved into front line defence against money laundering on 1 October 2018, but how well prepared are you?...

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    How finance professionals can create impact with analytics

    Data analytics and visualisation are a way of gaining fresh insights and getting the benefit of hindsight...

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    Beyond the technics of data mining

    How can powerful tools such as big data, analytics and visualisation be leveraged to create tangible value?...

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    Three steps to building better operational processes with your team

    CA Catalyst highlights three helpful steps to streamlining processes with your staff to ensure the smooth implementation of new technology and workflows into your accounting practice...

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    Automation is transforming accounting, with or without you

    The concept of workflow automation continues to be a major discussion point, but despite its capability to transform businesses, it still manages to mystify many in the accounting profession...

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    Workflow automation explained – top 5 tips from the experts

    Demystifying workflow automation – the reality and opportunities...

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    Workflow management basics for a modern practice

    A technology-based workflow will help your practice deliver more services efficiently. We highlight five workflow management basics that can allow your practice to hum...

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    Tikanga and a better you

    Sharing the importance of Māori culture to Chartered Accountants ANZ and the accounting profession...

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    CA SMSF Specialisation - What you need to know

    To be a CA SMSF Specilisation find out what you need to know...

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    Risk practitioners - New CPD training modules

    Practitioners who work in this field can work across the three lines of defence which spans enterprise risk management, strategic risks, financial risks and non-financial risk...

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