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  1. NZ Government pointed toward untapped $1 billion revenue source

    The Government is sitting on a potential $1 billion untapped revenue source, says Chartered Accountants ANZ and ministers should be looking to fully exploit this opportunity before introducing new...


  2. NZ survey reveals strong opposition to changing retirement system, despite rising costs

    A new survey has revealed New Zealanders dont want further changes to the retirement system, despite an acceptance of growing costs to support our ageing population...


  3. Hands off savings: survey reveals strong opposition to changing retirement system

    A new survey has revealed Australians dont want further changes to the retirement system, despite an acceptance of growing costs to support our ageing population...


  4. NZ fuel tax gets massive thumbs down in survey

    Poll shows Kiwis are not keen on paying Governments fuel tax, strongly preferring that the money comes from existing budgets...


  5. 2018 Budget: Does the economic vision match the societal one?

    Is NZ Budget visionary in an economic sense, as well as a societal one?...


  6. NZ profit shifting tax billgoes too far

    CA ANZ supports introduction of NZ BEPS Bill, but has a number of concerns...


  7. More funding for Tax Practitioners Board good.

    The Federal Budget announcement that $20.1 million will be provided to the Tax Practitioners Board over four years is good news for a regulator with acknowledged resource problems, says Michael Croker...


  8. NZ workshops to help accountants support stressed rural clients

    CAs are in a unique position to spot changes in behaviour that makes them thinksomething is not right here and I need to take action’...


  9. Stopping thefake IDsof business: New risk assurance approach needed for ABNs

    Those who declare they are in business should act like a business from day one, says CA ANZ Australian Tax Leader Michael Croker in response to the Treasury consultation paper released today...


  10. New report calls on businesses to put in place ethical guidelines for AI

    Ethics, artificial intelligence, research and insights...


  11. Nine to join the ranks as Queenslands newest Chartered Accountants

    Nine accountants from across Queensland have become part of a worldwide network of trusted business and finance leaders...


  12. Supercharging super expertise at Australias leading SMSF conference

    Australias best and brightest experts in self-managed super funds (SMSFs) will be sharing their knowledge with accounting professionals at the National SMSF Conference in September...


  13. 36 CAs receive Fellowships on CA ANZ President's Asian and UK visit

    CA ANZ President Jane Stanton visited Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom to recognise Chartered Accountants who are leading the way...


  14. ATO Tax Gap Report: Tax avoiders costing Australians billions

    The ATO Individuals (Non-business) Tax Gap report released today has highlighted a gap not just in tax collected, but also tax policies and community behaviours...


  15. Australasian businesses focused on down-home issues, not global ones

    A new survey has revealed businesses on both sides of the Tasman expect technological change and an ageing population to have more impact on their operations than globalisation and the rise of Asia...