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  1. ObituaryMalcolm McCaw FCA

    An icon of the accounting profession who rose to public prominence...


  2. NZ Budget 2021 - A tax-light budget, but clarity and certainty still needed

    With just one core initiative, are tax budgets a thing of the past? Inland Revenue has announced funding for data collection on high net worth individuals and their related entities...


  3. NZ Budget 2021Climate change funding for External Reporting Board

    The usefulness of impending climate-related financial disclosures is dependent on the nature of standards and education...


  4. ObituaryPast president Malcolm Ott FCA CNZM andtrue gentleman

    Obituary: Malcolm Ott FCA CNZM, former President of the then New Zealand Society of Accountants with remarkable family connection to Chartered Accounting in New Zealand passes away...


  5. Why experts disagree on damages in breaches of contract

    Accounting experts dont always agree when quantifying damages for opposing sideshere are the main areas of difference...


  6. NZ Budget 2021 review

    We have concerns about the level of discipline being applied to some of this spending and would like clearer and more robust frameworks for measuring outcomes...


  7. Revised NZ Insolvency Services Standard

    The NZ Regulatory Board has updated the NZ Insolvency Engagement Standard to reflect the new NZ insolvency practitionersregime and changes made to the NZ Code of Ethics...


  8. Are you ready to submit your modern slavery statement?

    Modern slavery statements delayed from last year are now due in NSW by 31 March. Harmonisation discussions continue between the NSW and Federal governments...


  9. Inadequate consultation on far-reaching NZ property tax changes

    The New Zealand Governments latest housing package did not include sufficient consultation for such far-reaching changes, says Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)...


  10. Crisis response and recovery in uncertain times

    Natural disasters including floods, fires and earthquakes, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the need for accountants to respond quickly to a crisis, plan for recovery and address non-...


  11. White Paper: UK audit reforms

    Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance white paper...


  12. Mental health training helps accountants on the frontline

    Accountants and financial professionals became first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic dealing with both clientsfinancial and personal crises. But were they fully equipped?...


  13. CAs share lessons with technology at Practice Power Up Conference in April

    If youre still pondering how to fully integrate technology into your practice then youre not alone...


  14. Revised NZ Financial Advisory Services Standard

    The NZ Regulatory Board has updated the NZ Financial Advisory Engagements Standard to reflect changes made to the NZ financial advisorsregime and the NZ Code of Ethics...


  15. Workplaces must continue to play their part

    The current New Zealand COVID-19 lockdowns highlights the need for workplaces to do their bit...


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