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  1. What accountants need as NSW re-opens

    Accountants need legal clarity about employment and workplace issues, plus nationally technological consistent app and disaster assistance frameworks...


  2. Australian Federal Budget 2021-22 - Overview


  3. Breadth and depth of NZ Coronavirus response applauded

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) today applauded the breadth and depth of the Governments $12.1 billion Coronavirus package to support businesses, workers, beneficiaries and...


  4. Coronavirus business package also delivers on need for tax reform

    The Governments $12.1 billion Coronavirus business support package delivers on three tax changes long sought by businesses and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand CA ANZ)...


  5. NZ Capital Gains Tax recommendations start of long process

    The Tax Working Group recognises substantive consultation will be required for its proposed Capital Gains Tax and Inland Revenue will need additional support...


  6. Governments digital business plan: “A good start to an economic marathon

    The digital transformation announcement from the Prime Minister yesterday signalled a strong push from the Government to build an economic infrastructure that supports the nations road to recovery...


  7. Accountants welcome JobKeeper 2.0 but say more needs to be done

    Many businesses across Australia, but particularly in Victoria, will breathe a collective sigh of relief at Treasurer Josh Frydenbergs quick pivot on COVID-19 JobKeeper arrangements to apply from 28...


  8. Accountants respond to Jobkeeper 2.0 bill and turnover test

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) has welcomed the introduction of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Jobkeeper Payments) Amendment Bill 2020 into Federal Parliament...


  9. Small business and sustainability to be at centre of recession recovery

    Yesterdays GDP figures revealed a jump in household savings, suggesting that many Australians are already bunkering down, reducing personal debt levels and saving for tough times ahead...


  10. Submission on OECD Secretariatunified approachproposalAustralian feedback

    The Australian Tax Team, in conjunction with CPA Australia has provided feedback to the OECD Secretariat on theUnified Approachproposal to pillar one issues arising from the taxation of digital...


  11. Submission on charities business exemption

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback on two draft QWBAs - PUB003359a and PUB003359b which set out the Commissioners views on when the charities business exemption must be used, and whether the charities...


  12. Submission on payment times reporting

    The Payment Times Reporting rules are needlessly complicated and will substantially increase compliance costs for reporting entities and administration costs of government. The draft rules require...


  13. Submission on the expansion of the Reportable Tax Position Schedule to large private companies and corporate groups

    Comments to the ATO on its proposal to expand the Reportable Tax Position Schedule to large private companies and corporate groups...


  14. Irelands Apple Tax caseshining a light on OECD developments

    While jurisdictions around the world are contemplating how to keep the revenue coffers in the black in light of COVID-19, Ireland recently celebrated a legal victory that meant they missed out on 13...


  15. Cryptocurrency Cryptopia and Cash in the Mattress

    Cryptocurrency is not currency as we know it. No physical notes or coins exist. For most cryptocurrencies, there is no central agency controlling supply and regulation. We use the term “...


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