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  1. The Australian parliamentary inquiry into regulation of auditwhat you need to know

    Stay up-to-date with the latest developments on the inquiry and how we are actively contributing on behalf of members...


  2. Are multidisciplinary firms good for audit quality?

    New report examines the relationship between multidisciplinary firms and audit quality...


  3. How confident are Australian retail investors?

    CA ANZs research shows healthy investor confidence in Australian markets (84%) and companies (86%) but investors are nervous about global political unrest...


  4. ASIC Audit Inspection Report

    CA ANZ Welcomes ASICs Latest Audit Inspection Report: Steady Improvement but Still More Work Ahead...


  5. ASIC audit inspection signals areas for improvement

    ASICs recently released latest audit inspection report underscores where the audit profession needs to drive ongoing improvement says Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)...


  6. Joint submission on the IAASBs Quality Management suite

    Chartered Accountants ANZ and ACCA have lodged joint submissions to the IAASB on their suite of exposures drafts proposing revisions to quality management for audit firms...


  7. Submission on proposed revisions to the definitions of Listed Entity and Public Interest Entity

    Overall, CA ANZ supports the IESBAs proposals to revise the definition of Listed Entity and Public Interest Entity to promote global consistency...


  8. Letter to FRC COVID-19 Working Group

    Joint Accounting Bodies provide insight into challenges posed by COVID-19...


  9. What we heard: A New Zealand conversation about securing trust in audit

    A new paper documents the CA ANZ led discussion on the future of audit in New Zealand and its interplay with the governance ecosystem...


  10. Narrowing the audit expectation gap

    Addressing fraud and going concern is a matter for all stakeholders in the financial reporting supply chain...


  11. A new approach for audits of less-complex entities

    The IAASB is proposing a new single standard to simplify audits of less-complex entities...


  12. Evolving quality management in audit firms

    Audit firms in Australia and New Zealand must comply with new quality management standards by December 2022...


  13. Reporting and assurance in 2021 - part one

    What to look for in reporting and assurance during 2021...


  14. Audit quality

    Achieving a high standard of audit quality builds up trust and confidence in the audit profession. See what audit and assurance factors influence audit quality...


  15. AUASB revising agreed-upon procedures standard

    CA ANZ/CPA Australia submission supports proposed revisions to ASRS 4400...


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