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  1. Joelene Kajavala: CA and womens health warrior

    We speak to a Kiwi CA with a passion for helping others about how she manages her accounting day job and running her own business...


  2. Catching breaks, taking opportunities and making a difference

    Charles Zhang talks about how Chartered Accountants ANZ provided him with the opportunities to make a difference...


  3. 5 Truths with Entrepreneur Margaret Zhang

    The internationally successful fashion consultant and photographer shares her top tips...


  4. Meet the 18-year-old CEO: OLeleis Matt Billington

    Discover how 18-year-old entrepreneur Matt Billington built an almond milk startup with the YES programme...


  5. From corporate to catwalk with Emily Plummer

    See how her work as an accountant led her to starting a successful fashion blog...


  6. The habits of a successful CEO

    Emma Evans CA is the CEO of two thriving companies - and shes only 28 years old. So whats the secret to her success?...


  7. The future leaders toolkit: Five habits you need to succeed

    Every leader has their own uniquehow I got where I am todaystory, but one thing most agree on is the importance of building helpful habits...


  8. Want to be a founder? Heres 3 key lessons from a young CA entrepreneur

    Cam Nguyen CA and founder of accounting startup, Encountr, shares three valuable lessons shes learned on her path to start-up success...


  9. Fluent in the language of business: The life of a CA entrepreneur

    We speak to Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elias Bizannes CA, about the unique edge the CA Program offers those looking to work in the business world...


  10. Using your CA skills to start a successful side hustle

    Provisional CA Emily Genoese on how her accounting skills have set the foundation for the unique and thriving side business All For Her Gifts...


  11. Young Enterprise Scheme National Awards 2017

    Congratulations to Olelei from Henderson High School in Auckland who have been awarded first place as The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) Company of the Year...


  12. Emma Evans CA

    Learn about Emma Evans CA, the entrepreneur behind the award-winning Australian beverage brand Capi Sparkling...


  13. Saimon Lomaloma CA: my week in business

    Accounting, entrepreneurship and rugby leagueSaimon Lomaloma CA proves himself to be a triple threat...


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