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  1. Kaye Luke given honorary membership of CA ANZ

    Kaye Luke has been awarded honorary membership because of the longevity of her service and the support she offered Western Australian members during this time...


  2. WA Regional Council seeks new board members

    CA ANZs Western Australian Regional Council is looking for new members...


  3. WA sets up relief for tenants landlords and construction

    WA announces grants for residential tenants, land tax relief for commercial landlords and A$24.5m support package for the construction industry...


  4. Meet a CA | Tinashe Kamangira FCA, WA Regional Council Chair 2019

    Tinashe Kamangira FCA is keen for younger chartered accountants to have a strong voice within CA ANZ...


  5. Empowering women with financial skills

    Vivian Wang CA helps raise the financial literacy of Western Australian women. Thats one reason she is the 2019 Young CA Regional Advocate, WA...


  6. Western Australian State Budget 2022-23 Overview

    Western Australias strong economic growth and operating surplus will fund cost of living support and record health system and infrastructure investment...


  7. Western Australia news

    WA Regional news includes a recap of event, merit awards, building knowledge sessions and more...


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