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  1. Navigating auditors' reports in a COVID-19 world

    A practical explanation of auditors' reports and how they may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic...


  2. Australian audit inquiry interim report: a step in the right direction

    The recommendations outlined in the interim report of the parliamentary inquiry into audit regulation are in step with community and stakeholder expectations...


  3. Research reveals public want more from audit

    Our survey of 1000 Australians shows public demand for greater scope for auditors to prevent corporate collapses and address environmental and societal issues...


  4. CA ANZ hands down comprehensive plan to improve confidence and quality of audit

    CA ANZ has today proposed a bold, comprehensive 15-point plan to cover the risks facing Australian businesses and consumers...


  5. Submission to the IAASB on assurance over extended external reporting (phase 2)

    Submission to the IAASB on assurance over extended external reporting (phase 2)...


  6. Submission - Guidance for Assurance over EER

    CA ANZ and ACCA jointly submitted comment to the IAASB on its proposed guidance for assurance engagements over emerging forms of external reporting...


  7. The fastest way to destroy an audits value

    Doubts about auditorsindependence can ruin audits. Thats why NZs Office of the Auditor-General is setting a higher bar...


  8. JobKeeper turnover certificate template

    The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued a template for the 10% decline in turnover certificate...


  9. How endorsements can go wrong

    Can you back up what you have told clients about third partiesrecommendations of products and services?...


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