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  1. Submission on delaying implementation of service performance reporting requirements in New Zealand

    CA ANZ submission supports proposals to delay the mandatory implementation of FRS 48 in New Zealand by one year...


  2. Joint submission on IFRICs interpretation of revised IAS 1

    CA ANZ and CPA seeks revision of IFRICs interpretation of the revised current/ non-current requirements in IAS 1...


  3. Submission on payment times reporting

    The Payment Times Reporting rules are needlessly complicated and will substantially increase compliance costs for reporting entities and administration costs of government. The draft rules require...


  4. Letter to FRC COVID-19 Working Group

    Joint Accounting Bodies provide insight into challenges posed by COVID-19...


  5. COVID-19 Rent concessions and IFRS 16

    Joint submission supports planned COVID-19 related amendments to IFRS 16 Leases...


  6. Open letter to the Prime Minister

    Clear, reliable reporting is more important than ever in the current environment...


  7. Navigating The Reporting Landscape

    This is a guide created by A4S and its Accounting Bodies Network that summarizes recent key developments in corporate reporting, in particular focused on trends in sustainability reporting and...


  8. Submission on the proposed changes to the face of the profit or loss statement

    CAANZs submission to the IASB supports the direction of the proposals and highlights stakeholders feedback and recommendations for further refinement...


  9. Assurance essential guides - June 2021

    Essential guides to audit and assurance developments for June 2021 year-ends...


  10. Members have their say in IFRS survey

    Members have their say in 2020 CA ANZ IFRS Survey...


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