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  1. CA student representatives

    Every year Chartered Accountants ANZ employ highly motivated students passionate about accounting to become CA student representatives at selected tertiary campuses across Australia and New Zealand...


  2. Home and abroad: Shaun Moon on the value of real-world experience

    CA student representative, Shaun Moon, shares his take on the value of work placements and international study experiences...


  3. 2021 New Colombo Scholarship recipient Maitland Bezzina on making the most of networking & opportunities

    We speak to Maitland Bezzina, CA student rep, trainee accountant and recent recipient of the New Colombo Plan Scholarship about his win and what he hopes to achieve through the opportunity...


  4. Advice from an HR manager: How to be a strong candidate

    Teresa De Abreu, HR Manager at HLB Mann Judd Perth, explains why CA student representatives can make ideal job candidates...


  5. Natalie Lonyai on what its like being a CA student representative

    We speak to one of our 2018 CA student representatives about their experience and the career opportunities that the role can provide...


  6. Learning on the job: Whats it like to be a graduate auditor?

    Success story from Soumya who was a CA Student Rep and managed to get a graduate position as an Auditor...


  7. CA student representative recruitment

    Looking to shape your future career in business and accounting? Were currently looking for students majoring in accounting to become Chartered Accountants student representatives at university...


  8. The benefits of becoming a CA student representative

    Discover the qualities employers look for in job candidates, and how this CA student representative developed them on the job...


  9. An opportunity for growth: key lessons from a former CA student representative

    We speak to finance student, Madi Gurr, about her CA student rep experience, the opportunities it has afforded her to date and whats next on her early career journey...


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