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  1. South Africa to Australia: Farirai Manyere CA on taking her CA designation global

    Discover how the CA designation helped Farirai Manyere make her move from South Africa to Australia...


  2. Small firms, big benefits: What its like to work for a small- to medium-sized practice (SMP)

    Discover the benefits of working at small- and medium-sized practices (SMPs) through the experience of two accountants...


  3. Cameron Good CA

    Cameron Good CA gives a 24 hour look into working in the rugby league...


  4. Antonio Caliari-Pearce CA

    Find out how Antonio Caliari-Pearce CA used his chance to help the community by giving back to two charities in New Zealand...


  5. Chloe Warren CA

    Find out how Chloe Warren CA, Independent Business Monitoring CoE Director for GlaxoSmithKline, views the world through a financial lens...


  6. Hannah Howard CA

    Read what Hannah Howard CA has experienced working at My Food Bag, one of New Zealand's fastest growing companies in the FMCG industry...


  7. Simon Hardman CA

    Find out more about how the CA designation allowed Simon Hardman CA to travel the world, from Singapore to London...


  8. Manuel Vlandis CA

    Ever wanted to work in a top-tier premiership sports team? Well, a lot of that responsibility falls to the person looking at the bottom line, particularly for NRL Sydney Roosters Financial Controller...


  9. Become a Difference Maker

    Do you want an exciting career where you can contribute to something bigger than yourself?...


  10. Career Kickstarter 2020

    Insights and work opportunities for Year 12 and first year uni students in Business & Accounting...


  11. Career Series

    This four part series answers business questions that students have been asking...


  12. Emma Evans CA

    Learn about Emma Evans CA, the entrepreneur behind the award-winning Australian beverage brand Capi Sparkling...


  13. The habits of a successful CEO

    Emma Evans CA is the CEO of two thriving companies - and shes only 28 years old. So whats the secret to her success?...


  14. From corporate to catwalk with Emily Plummer

    See how her work as an accountant led her to starting a successful fashion blog...


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