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  1. 5 reasons to sign up to be a Student Affiliate

    Discover what it means to become a Chartered Accountants ANZ student affiliate, and the many benefits of signing up...


  2. Lauren Zwierlein CA on how CAs can make a sustainable difference

    Lauren Zwierlein CA, CFO and COO of UrbanConnect talks about making positive environmental change on an international level...


  3. Getting Technical: Bayley Taylor-Law AT on her Accounting Technician designation

    Bayley Taylor-Law AT took her career to the next level with the Accounting Technician designation...


  4. How to impress in the first 100 days of a new job

    New job success depends on the initial and ongoing impression that your colleagues and boss have of you. Find out how to make the best ongoing impression...


  5. How can a career adviser help me during high school?

    Are you deciding which subjects to choose, or wondering what career path might suit you best? Discover how career advisers can help you map out what lies ahead...


  6. Future planning: How a career adviser can help university students and graduates

    Career adviser Nicole Papworth shares the benefits of seeking career counselling at every stage of your journey, to help you make sense of the present and plan for your future...


  7. Anna Lee CA on moving from CFO to COO

    Anna Lee CA reveals how she has been able to use her accounting skills and knowledge to transition from CFO to COO at online fashion retailer, The ICONIC...


  8. Give your career a kick start with the Achiever programme

    Olivia Mahey was a participant in the CA ANZ Achiever programme. She discusses how the programme gave her the skills to further her studies and career...


  9. How to activate your global mindset

    A Global Mindset is a curious, self-aware and eager perspective. Check out these four steps on how to achieve this outlook...


  10. How online events can help build your professional network

    Heres how you can go beyond likes and comments on LinkedIn in order to create a meaningful and rewarding online network...


  11. CAs around the world: How Lauren Zwierlein CA built an international career in Germany

    Lauren Zwierlein CA talks about how she used her CA designation to build an international career...


  12. Anna Lee CA

    Have you ever dreamt that your hard work and diligence could take your career to a leading role in a business surrounded by market-leading professionals plus clothes, shoes and accessories? Then you...


  13. CAs around the world: Gemma Preston CA on accountancy on the global stage in Washington, D.C.

    Gemma Preston CA talks global finance, governments, and international accounting opportunities through Chartered Accountants...


  14. O Week

    Find out what we have planned for O week this year...


  15. Achiever programme

    The Achiever programme provides valuable work experience, opportunities to establish industry contacts, development for future roles, and insights into career specialisations...


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