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  1. How internships can help you choose the best candidate for the job

    Discover how hosting an internship program could help you make more effective hiring decisions...


  2. How to best make full use of an internship

    You've gotten that internship - congrats! But how do you make it so that you leave a lasting impression?...


  3. GradConnection's Top100 Accounting Award winner Kevin Surjadi on taking every opportunity

    GradConnection's Top 100s Future Leaders Accounting Award winner Kevin Surjadi shares how this experience has helped him prepare for his journey to becoming a CA...


  4. Uni life: Expectations vs. reality

    What can students realistically expect when it comes to living away from home, managing finances and finding work experience?...


  5. Forget photocopying, your intern could be your future CEO

    Internships have changed immeasurably since the days of filing and photocopying. Start developing the leaders of tomorrow by taking on the promising interns of today...


  6. 5 reasons why your business should host an internship

    Internships offer keen students a chance to gain hands-on experience in the workplace, but its not just students who stand to benefit. Let's look at 5 benefits hosting an internship can bring to your...


  7. Pursuing her passion: Shreya Viswanathan on making the most of work experience

    Wondering how to make the most of your work experience? Discover how it helped to launch the career of this high-flying CA...


  8. 2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen on balancing study with sport

    2020 Accounting Student of the Year Ellysia Oldsen shares how she applies the lessons from sport to her accounting studies...


  9. The ultimate internship survival kit

    Read our top tips and tricks for how to not only survive but stand out in an internship...


  10. 5 ways to kickstart your career while studying

    Dont wait until you graduate, use your time at university to help advance your career!...


  11. Virtual Internships with Forage

    Are you curious about what its like to work in the finance and accounting industry? Try a Virtual Internship with Forage...


  12. 5 reasons to sign up to be a Student Affiliate

    Discover what it means to become a Chartered Accountants ANZ student affiliate, and the many benefits of signing up...


  13. Achiever Program - Student FAQs

    What skills are employers looking for? Candidates will possess good communication skills, the ability to build strong relationships and work in teams, the ability to plan and organise tasks...


  14. Achiever Program - Students

    Along with valuable work experience, the Achiever Program offers you the opportunity to establish industry contacts, develop you for future roles and provide insights into career specialisations...


  15. Joshua Robb: from Intern to Associate Director

    We speak to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) Achiever Program success story, Joshua Robb about how participating in an internship helped kick-start his career...


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