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  1. Time for another go at tax reform in Australia

    As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to push Australias net debt to A$677 billion by 2021, is tax reform an ambition too far?...


  2. New Zealands roads to recovery

    All eyes are on New Zealands economic recovery, post-COVID-19. But which party is up to the task?...


  3. Real-world lessons from working remotely

    New to working from home? CA ANZs Lydia Tsen honed these tips during her two months remote working in Canada...


  4. Write-off: Poor communication skills could be a career killer

    A lack of face-to-face communication during COVID can lead to misunderstandings. Heres why communication skills are crucial...


  5. How will we reshape the post-pandemic office?

    Our enforced experiment with mass remote working may spark a radical rethink of the office post-COVID...


  6. People Skills For The New Normal As We Work From Home

    People skills are now even more essential for managers as the workforce adjusts to the new normal and we work from home more frequently...


  7. Lockdown 2.0: how to support your teams mental health and productivity

    No-one wants another lockdown, but the experience in Melbourne and Auckland has shown how easily it can happen...


  8. Why we miss the water cooler

    Do you miss the banter at the printer or on your coffee run? Turns out those workplace interactions are very important...


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