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  1. Australian Federal Budget 2020-21

    The Australian Federal Budget is being handed down tonight (6 October) in the context of a COVID-19 afflicted economy in dire need of a shot in the arm...


  2. Tax return and payment deadlines deferred by ATO

    The tax return and tax payment deferral arrangements announced by the ATO today will be a welcomed relief for hard pressed Australians, businesses and tax agents...


  3. Chartered Accountants share top tips for businesses adjusting to new COVID reality

    Chartered Accountants from around New Zealand recently met and shared their advice for businesses and clients on our new COVID reality...


  4. Extension of JobKeeper legislation receives Royal Assent

    The legislation implementing the extension of the JobKeeper payments and Fair Work flexibility provisions has received Royal Assent on 3 September 2000...


  5. JobMaker Hiring Credit Rules and Reporting Obligations

    Registrations are now open for new JobMaking Hiring Credit. Rules and Reporting Obligations are legislated...


  6. JobKeeper 2 0 Actual decline in turnover test

    For CAs assisting clients in working out whether theActual decline in turnover testis satisfied for JobKeeeper 2.0, this article covers key points including when to include a supply, which...


  7. Alternative ways to determine JobKeeper payments

    The Commissioner of Taxation has provided alternative methods to determine an employees applicable JobKeeper payment rate where the 80-hour work test is not suitable...


  8. JobKeeper turnover certificate template

    The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued a template for the 10% decline in turnover certificate...


  9. JobKeeper extensionchanges implemented

    The legislative instrument implementing the changes to the JobKeeper scheme over the extended period was registered on 15 September 2020...


  10. JobKeeper 2.0 - September 2020

    The legislative instrument implementing the changes to the JobKeeper scheme over the extended period was registered on 15 September 2020...


  11. VIC Government announces support for tenants and landlords

    $500 million package to support residential and commercial tenants and landlords...


  12. Alternative test for JobKeeper

    New Legislative Instrument on alternative test for JobKeeper to ease troubles establishing the required turnover decline...


  13. CA ANZ plots Australian road to recovery

    CA ANZ has been discussing options to transition from JobKeeper and a potential road to recovery...


  14. Land tax relief for SA landlords and rental relief for their tenants

    SA landlords offered a 25% reduction on their 2019-20 land tax liability on properties rented to tenants impacted by COVID-19...


  15. WA sets up relief for tenants landlords and construction

    WA announces grants for residential tenants, land tax relief for commercial landlords and A$24.5m support package for the construction industry...


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