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  1. Whats it like working for... the Big Four?

    For many students, landing a job at a Big Four accounting firm is the ultimate end-goal. Read on to discover what its really like working for PwC...


  2. Whats it like working for... a mid-tier firm?

    How do you know which workplace will be right for you? Will it be the Big Four? A mid-tier firm? Or perhaps a startup?...


  3. Career Series

    This four part series answers business questions that students have been asking...


  4. O Week

    Find out what we have planned for O week this year...


  5. Cover letter 101: How to make yours compelling

    Keep your cover letter out of the graduate recruiters bin with this cover letter writing 101 article...


  6. How online events can help build your professional network

    Heres how you can go beyond likes and comments on LinkedIn in order to create a meaningful and rewarding online network...


  7. How to set yourself up forfocus time

    Do you often feel distracted or unproductive? Check out our 7 tips for setting yourself up forfocus time’...


  8. CA student rep Emma Tibballs on why its important to get involved at university

    CA student rep Emma Tibballs shares why you should take an active role in gaining diverse experiences & getting involved while at uni...


  9. 5 useful resources for savvy students

    Here are five things to think about for your future career in businessand the resources to help you get there...


  10. 5 real reasons why finding work is difficult

    Recapture the passion in your job search by understanding 5 reasons why its so hard to find a job...


  11. Finding the best employer for you

    Finding the right employer can be tricky, these tips will help make sure your new employer is a good fit...


  12. 8 tips for your first job

    Job preparation is essential to a making a great first impression at your new job. These 8 tips will set you up for first job success...


  13. Catching breaks, taking opportunities and making a difference

    Charles Zhang talks about how Chartered Accountants ANZ provided him with the opportunities to make a difference...


  14. Do you know what you're feeling?

    What is Emotional Quotient (EQ)? Read this article written by our student rep Harry Flett - and find out why it's so important for you to build upon EQ for your future career...


  15. 5 Truths with Entrepreneur Margaret Zhang

    The internationally successful fashion consultant and photographer shares her top tips...


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