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  1. Why experts disagree on damages in breaches of contract

    Accounting experts dont always agree when quantifying damages for opposing sideshere are the main areas of difference...


  2. Could automated tools see valuers fall foul of APES 225?

    The emergence of automated valuation tools promises faster and more efficient valuation processes. But the nature of these tools means accountants who rely on them could find themselves in breach of...


  3. 2021 Valuation practice survey

    The 2021 CA ANZ Valuation Practice Survey asked Business Valuation Specialists for their views on the key trends affecting valuations. Here are insights it revealed...


  4. Win work and build your reputation’ – the case for Business Valuation Specialisation

    George Whitington joined the first Business Valuation Specialisation program in 2014 to consolidate technical proficiency, and marketing and promotional benefits...


  5. Business Valuation Specialisation Recognition

    Have you successfully completed the course? Follow these steps to apply for recognition as a CA Business Valuation Specialist...


  6. Control values: the fallacy of applying astandardtakeover premium

    Despite the appeal of the simplicity of thelevels of valuechart in business valuations, the assumption that takeover premiums exist for all companies, in all industries, at all times is arguable...


  7. Whats new in Business Valuation: Update from Stephen Reid FCA

    Business Valuation Committee Chair Stephen Reid FCA looks at whats ahead for Business Valuation in 2022 as the global economy continues to provide challenges for valuers...


  8. 2022 Valuation Practice Survey insights

    Insights from this third CA ANZ Valuation Practice Survey identify the issues/challenges/trends which are arising in business valuations. The results of the survey will provide members, who work in...


  9. Sir David Tweedie: “Nobody can fool you with numbers

    Sir David Tweedie didnt plan on being an accountant, but ended up chairing the International Accounting Standards Board...


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